Kindred Spirits are a Godsent

I don’t know how they just know. They miraculously just appear before us, at the right time and moment, when we least expect them and need them the most. Most are complete strangers but we feel a connection instantly with them and speak our truth.

I am truly blessed for all the Kindred Spirits in my life past, present and future. It comforts me to know whenever I reach a roadblock I will have my angel "have my back". You know the ones that really have your back, times two, in case I fall (after they've had my back) and then I crash and burn again.....they're right there again!

Here are 10 ways you know someone is connected with your soul and spirit

1) You Feel When You Need Each Other

Have you ever had that strange, coincidental experience where someone reached out to you right out of the blue, exactly when you were feeling totally alone?

That person might be your kindred spirit. Kindred spirits have the uncanny ability to just know when one of their kindred spirits is in desperate need of help.

There might be moments where you will feel that no one in the world cares about you or your problems.

In those moments, your kindred spirit will feel that they are needed and come rushing to your aid. Even if all you need is a hug.

2) They Will Make You Move Forward

There are friends who are content with us doing nothing with our lives—sticking to the same routines week after week and month after month, drinking and partying and throwing away our time. 

Then there are friends who actually care; people who grab you by the shoulders and say, “What are you doing with your life?”

If you find yourself struggling to move forward, your kindred spirit is there to give that boost you need to get your momentum going.

They understand exactly where you’re coming from, probably because they’ve experienced similar situations.

So they know the best way to help and to get you to where you want to be.

3) They Will Help You Learn

A kindred spirit is never afraid to tell you the truth, especially if it means teaching you a vital lesson you need to learn.

Other people will hold back the harsh truth because most people would rather spare themselves the awkward conversation or the reality of hurting you.

This is because they don’t really care about you; they care about themselves and protecting themselves from feeling uncomfortable.

But a kindred spirit truly cares. If you need someone to tell you the truth about something, your kindred spirit will be there, ready to lay it on.

4) You Have Similar Principles

This isn’t about politics, left or right.

This is about the way you view life and humanity, and while you and your friends may have your general agreements and disagreements on certain issues, your kindred spirit will generally understand the world the same way that you do.

The bigger things in life will never be a point of contention—you live your lives the same way, which is why you connect as intimately as you do.

5) You Boost Each Other

You and your kindred spirit are like two adjacent pieces of a puzzle. You both make each other more whole.

Your interests, skills, and passions may not be exactly the same, but they find ways to complement each other.

Your kindred spirit is someone with whom you can easily go out with and have a great time, or someone you can start a business with and find immense success.

You guys will fit each other in more ways than one.

6) You Have Mutual Respect

No good relationship can exist without respect coming from both sides.

And this respect transcends politics and petty opinions—no matter what you say, your kindred spirit will understand where you are coming from and give you the respect you deserve.

Both of you know that support and encouragement are what the other person needs, which is why you will never be quick to judge your kindred spirit.

7) Understanding Beyond the Need for Words

It’s almost like you understand exactly what each other is thinking.

It’s hard to describe feelings. They’re complex, flying balls of energy that can’t be put into words.

But somehow, you “get” your partner’s feelings, even if you can’t articulate them.

A simple look into each other’s eyes says everything you need to know.

And this is the same in different social situations and circumstances. It’s like you know your partner’s uncomfortable before they know they are themselves!

It’s a special connection that can’t be put into words.

8) You Always Have Each Other’s Backs

It doesn’t matter what’s happening and why it happened, you always support each other.

Everyone goes through tribulations that hard to overcome, but you both make sure that you don’t have to do it alone.

You provide solutions, support and unconditional love that’s impossible to break.

Let’s be honest, life is a bit of a game sometimes. But it’s a game that you want your kindred spirit to win.

9) You Grow and Learn From Each Other

If you’re growing, then you’re not really living, right?

Kindred spirits move forward in life and grow together.

The relationship naturally grows. From dating to seeing each other exclusively to living together, to marrying each other and having a family (if that’s what they desire).

It happens slowly. Why? Because the strongest relationships take time and build.

Kindred spirits know this. Otherwise, people fall into the trap of “needy love” and move too fast. A relationship based on neediness won’t survive.

Therefore, kindred spirits don’t “need” each other. They grow individually, which means releasing their unhealthy attachments and understanding their own self-worth.

When you’re both confident in who you are and you don’t suffocate the love that exists between the two of you, the potential of the relationship grows naturally and beautifully.

10) You Make Each Other Feel Complete

There are parts of you that you’ve always known are weaknesses.

Perhaps you suffer a little too much from anxiety. Or you can’t cook. Whatever it is, it’s like your kindred is good at those things. They love cooking and they’re cooler than the cucumber even in tense situations!

Likewise, your energy and passion is something that ignites them and gets them going. You compliment each other perfectly.

So there you have it! Thank you Hack Spirit for sharing these tips with us today and may you too be that special person in someone's life.

Even if it is a smile, you never know what someone is going through and your smile would be exactly the love they would need to see and feel. 

Happy Saturday, I hope you are keeping yourself healthy and entertained during this Covid19 self isolation. What a great way for us ALL to stop from a world that was getting too busy and missing the simple things in life.

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Much love,



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