Transformation Tuesday featuring ME!

As you all know, every week I feature someone's amazing weight loss transformation. I love to give these people the recognition they deserve, because nobody knows more than me how much hard work and dedication it takes to do so. So I thought I'd take a trip down memory lane today and remember where I came from.

Pregnancy number 1 - Here is me in 2006…. I thought I was content with my life and weighing over 90kg (200lb) with the unhealthy food choices with no exercise regime in my life whatsoever….


Pregnancy number 2...

Before Nov 07, after Jan 09


It got easier. Here's me after pregnancy number 3!


Before Jan 10, after Dec 10


And finally after pregnancy number 4.


Before Sept 11, after April 12


I'm so proud of the results I've achieved and after doing this for several years now I've learnt some things along the way. It's all about balancing a healthy lifestyle - eating clean and moving your body in the most effective way, for as little time as possible. After all, who else is sick of paying for all those diet plans and yoyo diets? I'm here to guide and support you throughout your journey.

Be sure to stay tuned to as I have some very exciting plans that will ultimately help you achieve the best results.

And I can't wait to feature YOU on Transformation Tuesday. Click here to send me your story.


Love and friendship



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