Dream Big Believe Make It Happen


"Dani Stevens is a rare human being, full of boundless energy and business intuition, she is the quintessential IT GIRL! Working with Dani to launch my new brand opened my mind to so many new possibilities that I could not have seen on my own. Dani helped me to focus on my brand direction and what I want to achieve.

Dani is an incredible motivator and with her help I’ve approached my business with new enthusiasm and have been able to get my new brand launched onto social media with consistency and authenticity. She is a great teacher and mentor. Our brain storming sessions are not only fun but incredibly valuable to develop new products and fresh ideas.

I can’t say enough about how much Dani has helped me with my life and business and would recommend time with Dani to motivate, stimulate and propagate new ideas into your daily life and business."

Shayne Cassady -  Treasured Wine Products

Dani Mentoring Mindset Business Coach
I have recently opened up one-on-one sessions so we can go through a series of conversations about where you are at in life. Let it be your health, wealth or relationships. I have been on this planet for over 45 years and can honestly say I have done it all and if I haven't, then I know of someone who has and I have guided them through this. Otherwise I will recommend medical and professional services where needed.
My goal is to listen to your dreams, aspirations and navigate you to your end results. I will help clarify what matters to you the most and work out what to do to achieve your desired outcomes.
We will work together and I will support your personal and professional development. Help facilitate gentle exploration of your needs, motivations, skills and thought processes in order for you to identify your own solutions and actions. I will support you in setting appropriate goals and methods of assessing progress in relation to these goals.
Sound good?
If so please email me with the subject title "Dream Big Believe Make It Happen with Dani" and I look forward to getting you more focused and making your dreams a reality!
You are made to be AWESOME!