The Balance Between Science and Nature

WOW! What a last few couple of weeks of viruses, asthma, chicken pox in our household! WHOOSH!!! See ya later alligator, kids are on the mend and time to get them eating fresh foods again (say goodbye to antibiotics) and hello natural supplements (just in case the below foods doesn't give them all the vitamins and minerals they need) I'm sure it does, they just love it when they see those gummy bear supplements, so we have those from time to time.

I know pharmaceutical medicines can have amazing results but they tend to treat a symptom, rather than a cause. Using those antibiotics your GP prescribed might get rid of your sore throat but what if you took the holistic approach?

And when it comes to relieving aches and pains related to muscles in your body, why take pills that mask the pain to make you feel better when you could be seeing an experienced massage therapist or acupuncture specialist who can work with your body to help identify problem areas and work on those areas to get you moving at full speed again.

Or try and do some yoga, it's such a great stretch!

Everything from food, drink, sleep, movement and stress has an impact on the way we feel – so why trust just one solution to fix the way we feel?

Alternative medicine is also known as complementary medicine and that’s the best way to think of it. It is there to complement something else – to work together as part of a bigger picture and treat your body as a whole, not as a collection of parts.

As soon as you start thinking of it in that way, everything makes better sense.

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