January challenge OUT NOW - Donate your handbag

Happy New Year! As we move into a new year, our heads filled with a variety of NY resolutions, perhaps it's time to think of others less fortunate than ourselves. We're all aware of buzzwords like mindfulness yet how many of us actually put our words into action?

So for the beginning of 2016 I'd like to spearhead a campaign that gives back to those who might be struggling. Not only will it bri ng a smile to their faces, but it's guaranteed to make you feel good about yourself as you do a good deed.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there are more than 105,000 homeless people in Australia - 46% are women. It's not just a matter of having food to eat and a roof over your head. I’d like you to think of the monthly struggle women must go through to obtain hygiene products. Simple things we take for granted, such as keeping our teeth clean or washing ourselves with soap, can turn into a crisis.

With this in mind, I'd like to encourage you to donate your handbag.


Donate your handbag

It costs us next to nothing to extend kindness, so matter how little you’re able to offer.

Ladies, we all have those handbags and other knickknacks that are still lying around because, "I'm sure I'll need it one of these days!" Well, today is the day! Grab that handbag you're never going to use again and stock it with toiletries, snacks and hygienic products.

Men, do you have a manbag? It's okay, nobody has to know. It's your turn! So for the month of January, I challenge you all to extend some thought to those not fortunate enough to afford these privileges. Our challenge is simple, and the reward is unmeasurable.

Here's what you have to do:

  1. Find a handbag that you no longer use (or have never used) Please make sure it is in good condition. If you don’t have a handbag, perhaps you have a ‘man bag’ to donate.
  2. Fill the bag with new toiletries – toothbrush, toothpaste, soaps, shampoo, tampons etc.
  3. Add some snacks (ie Thank You water, muesli bars and some nuts.)
  4. Next time you're in the city, you can offer it to a person you see in need. Or you can donate to one of several organisations, Vinnies, the Smith Family, the Salvos.
  5. Spread the word and encourage others to do the same, by posting on social media with the hashtag #donateyourhandbag

So how about it? You ready to dontate your Prada or Dolce & Gabbana handbag? ha ha.

Seriously though, here's your first opportunity for 2016 to do that good deed - feel good about yourself whilst helping others! Not to mention you'll be decluttering at the same time and hopefully putting yourself on a path towards a more mindful life! If your best NY resolution is ‘to help others’ then you can congratulate yourself on beginning to achieve something incredibly important that should leave you with a happy heart!


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