5 minutes With Thankyou Co-Founder Daniel Flynn

What was on your mind when you were 19? Daniel Flynn was hanging out with his friends and worrying about the world water crisis.

Thank goodness!

While some people just let the worries of world depress them, Daniel took action and his concerns motivated him to become the Co-founder and Managing Director of Thankyou. It’s a social enterprise that is all about funding water, food, hygiene and important sanitation projects that help people in need.

What makes a young man take such a global view?

Statistics like this obviously had an impact. Did you know that, while Australians spend around $600 million EACH YEAR on bottles of water, there are 900 million people around the globe who do not have access to safe, clean water??

Daniel’s response? To work with a like-minded team of inspiring young Aussies to launch a bottled water product that would help fund safe water access for people in desperate need. Thankyou was founded as a company in 2008 and not long after, their first water bottles hit the shelves.

So far, Thankyou has given more than $3 million to projects in 16 countries. How amazing that his efforts have been directly responsible for a range of life-saving programs, including enabling 231,582 people to access hygiene and sanitation programs plus long-term food solutions to people in need.

Daniel was awarded Victorian Young Australian of the Year in 2014 and just this year, he was also honoured with the 2015 EY Entrepreneur of the Year for the Southern Region.

Go, Daniel!

Without further adieu please give Daniel a MASSIVE warm welcome as he shares his fitness, food and style ethos;

THANKYOU Daniel Flynn and Dani Stevens


What fitness activity do you schedule into your daily routine to keep healthy?

Every day at 3pm, the Thankyou team gathers together to do 100 squats…we call it squat o’clock. It brings us together and breaks up the afternoon. I also aim for a 30-minute workout at home 3 times a week.

Describe your dream meal – what could we expect to find on your plate?

I’m a meat and veg guy, so definitely a medium rare steak with seeded mustard, thrice-cooked potatoes and green beans with truffle oil - I think I’ve got a good mix of food groups in there!

Who’s your go to style icon – who have you always admired for their style, and why?

If you look at my Instagram you'll discover that I’m in need of a style icon because there’s not a whole lot going on! I’m pretty simple and laid back, so jeans, knit and blazer is my go-to style. I’ve read that there’s only so many decisions our brains can effectively make in one day, so I find that keeping my wardrobe simple keeps my decision making quota fairly free!

What’s a childhood habit or mannerism that has followed you into adulthood?

Definitely chewing on pens. If you hang around the office long enough you’ll notice little chew marks on all my pens so perhaps don’t leave any near my desk!

Name three things you can’t leave the house without and why?

Does it sound cliché to say my phone? Also my keys so I can get back into my house and my wallet. With those three things, I can pretty much do anything!

Thanks so much Daniel for hanging out with Team Dani and providing us with much motivation on a Monday! I can't wait to share more exciting projects that are coming soon! In the meantime here are just a few of their products that you too can make a difference and help fund life changing projects! I love these products!

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