2 minute Banana Dairy, Gluten and Sugar Free Vegan Ice Cream

This is an oldie but a goodie. It's getting a little warmer now however it has seriously been like winter here in Ballarat, I can't believe it's summer! When the sun does decide to show its shining face, our kids arrive home from school, they want a cool snack and this super duper, vegan, no dairy, gluten free, no refined sugar ice cream does the trick each and every time. Well less the cream. There is no cream. Just bananas but I like to add extra ice over summer.

All you need to do is prepare the bananas in advance. Typically the night before or in the mornings when our kids are brushing their teeth, I am slicing these slippery little suckers and placing them in freezer containers with a squeeze of lemon or lime juice so they keep their fresh yellow colour. You know how quick bananas go brown as soon as they're airborne! Then when the kids come home from school, they are ready to rock and roll!

Vanilla Caramel Ice Cream


Vanilla Caramel Ice Cream Recipe 2



For those that want to see how super easy this method is, check out our YouTube clip. Our kids love making this and to add more sweetness to the bananas simply soak some dates or drizzle honey or maple syrup. You can add cacao powder and turn it into a chocolate ice-cream or add a cup of frozen raspberries or blueberries so you get the entire Napolitano collection. The world is your oyster, that's how we roll in our kitchen.

We love experimenting and trying different things. We have been experimenting for the last few years as you know and we just do a taste test typically. If something isn't right, we add or omit. Oh yeah, if you love nuts, this ice-cream is DA BOMB with chopped nuts. My fave!

I can't wait to bring you MORE videos where I simply show you how to place whatever ingredients you have left over and make an amazing family meal. We typically call these nights "pantry night". You know those nights where there is meat or food in the fridge but you haven't prepped it (I like to marinade my meat and have veggies washed, chopped and ready to go) but you got the kids screaming "I'm hungry, now". This is my go to pantry dinner and it's a winner every time.

Tuna salad with the lot

Tuna salad Dani Stevens


x1 Tuna can (any size is fine)

1 bok choy

1 mixed salad 250g

1 cup of corn

1 cup mixed beans

1/2 cup brown rice/quinoa

Handful of chopped herbs

3-4 tomatoes

2-3 blocks of Meredith's Goat Cheese

NB: If vegan omit animal products


Wash and chop all vegetables, add beans, tuna, drizzle olive oil and squeeze lemon juice. Add S&P. Done in 5 minutes and kids are all happy little vegemites.

That's a wrap, hope you have an amazing Thursday and catch you tomorrow. Ohhhhh yeahhhh, totally forgot to tell you that our car has over heated. It's at the garage being serviced, it needs a new radiator and we have been walking and catching a bus everywhere. You can see all the pictures on Facebook and our new #365activedays.

PLUS a surprise Pana Chocolate recipe for YOU #TeamDani is taking place tomorrow at the chocolate factory, then I have my photo shoot Saturday and Sunday - it's all happening and very exciting. I can't wait to bring YOU more! Make sure you have subscribed here so you don't miss any super special stuff happening!

What have you got planned this weekend?



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