I have just joined Freeletics. I am taking this to the next level. This high intensity training program uses bodyweight only. Designed for both men and women ALL OVER THE WORLD, anytime and anywhere. It's fitness beyond imagination. No excuses.

Please join me. I am doing the Freeletics (cardio program) 15 week transformation challenge so please CLICK HERE and join me. You won't regret it.

Here are some amazing transformations thus far....

Levent Oeztuerk Alexander Vilena

For those women that are struggling with post pregnancy weight, read my below my weight loss program I used 2008-2012.

I constantly get people asking me how I manage to find time to exercise, cook healthy and eat clean 80% of the time with 4 kids under 7. When I respond to them that I only workout 15 minutes per day with the Fit Yummy Mummy system they are simply amazed. Even much so when I tell them I eat 5-6 meals per day. I am not on any diet.

This was our lifestyle and new way of living. Healthy.

I have also participated in various FYM Transformation Challenges throughout the years and heavily rely on the Transformation Kit. These workouts totally get me motivated and my body gets an entire workout. Should you wish to obtain a copy I am able to offer a $50 discount. It is jam packed with 12 weeks worth of DVD's, meal planners, coaching calls and lots lots more!!! It even enables you to trial Clubfym for 30 days FOR FREE! Check it out here.

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Paying a Clubfym $19.95 monthly subscription you will receive:

  • a NEW "Workout Of The Month" plus "Do it like this" videos!!
  • hundreds of articles & various discussions and topics in the forums about health, recipes, how to and personal one-on-one training tips from Holly herself!
  • private discussions with like minded women about your progress, articles relating to Fat Loss for Busy Mums including workouts, nutrition and motivation
  • Success stories from REAL women (yes that includes me) and not just some air brushed model or celeb on a mag

There is so much more I can write about Fit Yummy Mummy but instead why don't you take up this exclusive 50% discount off the FYM fat loss system ebook and experience Clubfym for 30 days FOR FREE!!!!! You won't be disappointed!

It's the best 60 cents you will ever spend on a daily basis!!!! Not a bad investment on being healthy and looking good on the inside and out? Especially being time poor with 4 children, I find it difficult to go to the gyms so working out in the comfort of our own home is IDEAL!!

Just to showcase, here is how I got my body back after having 4 babies using the FYM system. It truly does works.

Check out MY before and after pics....

Pregnancy number 1

Here is me in 2006.... I thought I was content with my life and weighing over 90kgs AKA 200lbs with the unhealthy food choices with no exercise regime in my life whatsoever....

Noah was born 08/08/05


Until I wanted my sexy back or rather my post baby body back! That's when I discovered the Fit Yummy Mummy system and it changed MY life and my families FOREVER. We live a lot more healthier and have so much more energy and zest for life!!!!

Pregnancy number 2

Before Nov 07 After Jan 09


read more info here Pregnancy number 3


Before Jan 10 Afer Dec 10


read more info here Pregnancy number 4


Before Sept 2011 After April 2012


I do hope you join Clubfym as you will receive 50% off the FYM fat loss system ebook and trial the club for 30 days for FREE!!! Your new YOU is waiting for you there!!!

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