July Eclipse Portal

Are you into all the stars and new moon cycles and how our emotions could be effected by the New Moon in Cancer? That the solar eclipse approaches on the 16/17th July, it will round it out with the Full Moon in Capricorn and lunar eclipse? PHEW! That was all a mouthful wasn’t it?

I came across this from Jules Instagram account, she’s an astrologer and I found it so fascinating….She explains about it all below.


The eclipse portal is essentially working like a cosmic highlighter across the opposition of Cancer and Capricorn, known as the axis of foundation. Archetypally speaking, Cancer is the hidden Self beneath the surface, the emotional body and our internal home while Capricorn is our role out in the concrete world, it's how the outside world views us.

July Eclipse Portal

With today's New Moon and eclipse its possible that your feelings will be dialled up to their maximum setting yet the root cause for them may yet be hidden from sight. Cancerian energy is the nurturer, an energy that can often give more than it receives, it is our heart wrapped in the crabs shell of past wounding and programming and our fear of being hurt if we are vulnerable or let down our guard.
Sometimes our nurturing can be a defence mechanism or even a way to (unconsciously) control the one's we love, 'If I care for them better than they've ever been cared for before, they'll see my value and cherish me'. Sometimes when our natural default is to give and give and give in our close relationships, we don't have access to our own wants and needs because our focus is looking outside of the Self.

This two week eclipse portal is a potent time to get curious about the emotions rising from within, as well as the needs and wants you have that are or are not being communicated and satisfied in your close relationships. Allow yourself the space to feel what arises and turn that nurturing energy inwards so that you can self soothe.

Cancerian energy is the roots of the tree and Capricorn is the branches and leaves. By looking at the foundational level of Self and tapping in to the energy down there (communicated through emotion and intuition aka Cancer) you'll be able to receive the intel you need to best feed and water and protect your deepest Self and by establishing or firming up your connection to this part of you, it will be much easier to communicate it out in to your environment.

Happy July and may the fourth be with you ;-)

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