Instagram and Facebook THANK YOU for my Birthday outage present

Amazing how I connect daily with my community via Instagram and Facebook but today I’m unable to reach all of you and your messages on those two platforms. How special to have our other platforms to connect on.... I have loved receiving all your gorgeous birthday messages.

I’m so happy to have you here, my newsletter, not to mention Twitter and LinkedIn. I’m so in love with social media and the online world for being able to connect and reach you on any of these platforms.

Not to mention my Dani Stevens 365 app. Where there is a will there is a way!

Or maybe it’s a secret gift from Instagram and Facebook giving me and YOU a digital detox day off :-) ha ha

Back to my birthday 14th March 1974 :-) WOWZA!!!

45 today!!! Evolution has taught me some things change, but others remain true, no matter how old you are!

Did you know that I have always had silver hair, even back when I was 16 as its my natural hair colour? For about 30 years, I tried to cover it up, because I was afraid of it, not the colour itself, but what others would think of me. No young person should have silver hair, so I’d better not standout. Being truly myself was a scary thought back then, but not anymore.

Part of growing older is I love embracing change. Especially the ones that help me reveal my soul. Having said that, change doesn’t become easier just because you are older, it is still scary at times, but we have the tools to help us navigate them better. We all have one chance to live the life that we want. Let’s make those 365 days count.

One small change everyday will bring you that much closer to your big goals. If change is making life hard right now, reach out, learn to say ‘I need help’ or ‘I’ve been thinking of you and just wanted a chat’. Know that you are loved and someone in your life cares. So never shy away from love!

Everyday should be a birthday, because with the power of change, we have an opportunity to be reborn, no matter where you are in life. Happy Birthday everyone. I love you!

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