Get onboard the Carnival Spirit

Oh my it’s been an action-packed couple of days aboard the Carnival Cruise Line! Words cannot express how much fun we're having but maybe our pictures will help ;).

As you might recall, it has been two years since I had my first extravaganza with the ship, and this time I brought the entire family with me. Even though I’d tried to describe the sheer size of the cruise liner, I don’t think they quite anticipated how huge it actually is... we're talking the length of three footy fields and a height of 12 decks!! I absolutely love how they really do cater for the entire family - from Camp Carnival for the kids, a mini golf course, poolside cinema, musical theatre, and so much more!

We kicked off our first day with a Pizza party. Big thanks for Chef Clytus for teaching us your tips! The kids had great fun making the dough from scratch, and topping it with their favourite choices. Sure, not the healthiest choices perhaps but hey, we are on holiday. And I won't say that they weren't delicious - looks like I'm raising some very talented chefs ;).

Whilst in the kitchen, I also had a chance to catch up with Jennifer, Vice President of the Carnival Cruise, and Florin, the Food Operations Manager.

And take a look at what we came across - this gorgeous edible bouquet is made entirely out of fruits and vegetables - beautifully nourishing! I'm excited to have a go at this myself... I might have to start with something more simplistic though!

Can you guess what these flowers are made of? XxDani

Oh Serenity bar, how I missed you! While the kids were immersed in all the activities on offer at the kid’s club, mum and dad snuck off to this amazing adult only retreat. They enjoyed a penguin colony, making their own sailboats and miniature play igloos, while we watch the chillaxed by watching sunset, cocktails in hand. Everyone wins on the carnival cruise ;).

Of course, just because I'm on holiday, doesn't mean there's no time for exercise! The ship is equipped with a large fitness center, including a jogging track and basketball court, but me and my new bestie Alana hit those weights hard!

Dani Stevens cruise fitness tips
Dani Stevens cruise fitness tips

Over the weekend, the cruise ported at beaches in New Caledonia and we spent awhile just soaking in the stunning view from the beach. The ocean around here is the most amazing shade of turquoise blue - we all got a little bit excited by it... not to mention the white sandy beaches, beautiful locals and lovely island food.

A slice of heaven at every port. Mama @1danistevens taking some time out whilst cruising on @carnivalcruiselineau ??☀️⚓️ XxDani #NewCaledonia #CarnivalSpirit A photo posted by Dani Stevens (@1danistevens) on Dec 14, 2015 at 2:34am PST

We had such a good time jumping off the pier on Amedee Island, here's Noah - ready, set GO!!!!

Dani Stevens fitness tips in New Caledonia
Dani Stevens fitness tips in New Caledonia

Adrian was having a blast with the kids as well jumping off Amedee Islands' pier!

Adrian jumping off Amedee Island pier
Adrian jumping off Amedee Island pier

I can't wait to share with you all the wonders of New Caledonia and our #carnivalspirit adventures aboard the ship. But for now, there's still more fun to be had aboard the Carnival Cruise Line - keep up to date with us on my Facebook page. Hope you're all having a smooth sailing week!!

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