Friday Fitness and Christmas Challenge

Heeeeyyyyyy!!!! These past two days have been AMA-ZING!!! I have met so many great people over my 2 day Sydney business getaway, especially with my new Remarkables team, I am sure you have kept updated via my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages with my action packed last couple of days! December for me entails juggling a bunch of things to do, appointments, managing a family of 6 and much more! Working wonders in a day for me covers various roles such as creative directing, babysitting, fitness modelling and styling! Whoosh!

Christmas is coming and the days are getting shorter. This means that I'll have to finish things more quickly (plus we have our December challenge kicking off next month!) as I want to squeeze some time for me and especially time with my family.

But how can I work extra wonders without the help of Microsoft's OneNote Office 365? With it's new and cool features, it makes my days even easier for me to get organised and keep productive!

With so many things that pop-up in my mind throughout the day, One Note is just a perfect hub for me to store everything that I need to remember before capping my day. From a new recipe, a fitness guide, a trendy style to our #teamdani inspiring transformation stories, I can insert files into my notes. And not only that, I can view and update my notes anytime, anywhere as everything is synced onto my Surface Pro 3 and iPhone which is now compatible on all devices.

How cool and amazing does that sound? What I love the most is the cool features on the latest Surface Pro 3, not only is the 12-inch 2160 x 1440 resolution display sexy for all the images I download, but it also allows me to work on multiple apps to keep me updated with my Instagram and Twitter feed while I am writing my posts to you! All with the ease of my finger swiping the screen. Awesomeness right there!

What's even more awesome is I am once again collaborating with Microsoft and their new #WorkWonders program. I look forward to sharing with you over the next 12 months on how I do what I do, online and across all my devices to keep you updated with anything fitness, food and style related. If it wasn't for this amazing cloud service, I wouldn't be able to share with you all the things that help make my life easy and in return help you to work wonders within your day!

Here's a snapshot of how Office 365 makes my life as simple as possible and how I compile my monthly challenges to keep you motivated and workout with me. Make sure you come here on Monday when we kick off our December challenge and count down the days to Christmas together.

Photo shoot on Monday uploaded via my One Note to plan for the relevant exercises next month.

Fitness & Christmas
Fitness and Christmas

My fitness regime that keeps me on track!

Fitness and Christmas
Fitness and Christmas

How about you? What tools keep you organised throughout your day? Here's my office today with a view ;-) and how I work wonders every day.

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