Super Tasty Mediterranean Pasta

This has got to be hands down once of the quickest and tastiest dishes EVER! What I mean by quick, it all depends how quick you can chop or use a food processor. Me? I have 4 kids so this gets done under 10 minutes! haha


Super Tasty Mediterranean Pasta


1 clove of garlic

1 capsicum

1 sweet potato

2 spring onions

5 zuchinni's

x2 spiral packets of cooked San Remo pasta

2tbs olive oil

1 sprig of basil and rosemary

Salt and pepper


Wash, peel, cut, slice, chop all your favourite vegetables, place in a oven tray, drizzle with olive oil with salt and pepper. 

Place in pre-heated 170C degree oven and bake until soft and juicy. 

Once pasta is cooked, toss everything together, add nutritional yeast, chilli flakes, rosemary and fresh parsley. 

Mediterranean Vegetable Pasta

Please use whatever seasonal vegetables your farmers market or supermarket have and experiment with all the delis

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