#Xmas25Squats Challenge is going off on Instagram and Twitter

How is everyone? All great here.

We had a sensational week, with Kinda finishing off for Oscar last Thursday so it was sad to see his last day ever as a Kinda kid but really excited for him to go to Prep next year. Which reminds me..... Mietta is going back to the same Kinda next year, so the tears weren't too bad. It will be good to have a few hours of Zali and Mama time while the other 3 are off to school and kinda. Gosh the years are going past really quick, next post will be me crying at their wedding!!!
Nutrition has been great and my Fit Yummy Mummy workouts too. Who's doing the Xmas holiday hottie challenge with me? It's one of my fave challenges throughout the year and ends with a BANG!!! Having said that, I LOVE the FYM New Years Transformation Challenge as well, getting us back on track and focused on fitness and healthy eating.
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Well, I am have been blow away from everyone!!!! Just check out some of these fantastic women....
Incorporating their squats with their morning workouts, on their way out for dinner and in the park

Some got really pumped and did weight lifting squats!!! Esther you are my hero!!! Lovely Meg is always creative, waiting for her tradesman to finish off work inside while she works outside! Of course the Bootcamp crew out in Buninyong and the lovely Anita swinging her little boy in the park!!! I love it!

I was super impressed with everyones creative hash tagging pics, even the Hidden Warrior crew managed a quick pic before their ice bath!!! Well done girls!!!

Seriously this 25 squats per day challenge has really spread across the globe!! From LA to Moscow, NYC, England, Mexico, Norway, South Africa, India, Hong Kong and back to our shores here in Australia. I LOVE IT!!! I love you all!! I also know there are plenty of others participating but unable to post pics, to you too I extend a BIG thank you for joining us!!!! Leave us a comment with how you are going.
For those missing my pics by the off chance, here's me these last 6 days!!! So just in case you don't know where or when to incorporate your squats, here's some more ideas :-)
Shower squats
Jump squats
Cuddle squats
WE ALL squat (while waiting for Dad to pack the car)
Beach squats
Pool squats
So COME and JOIN us!!! Be creative and lets have some fun!! My most favourite and fun person doing this challenge with me is the lovely Meg. Just check out her doing squats brushing her teeth in the bathroom...

Folding the washing.....

And working it with her dumb bells!!!  YOU GO GIRL!!!! Rocking it and you'll have buns of steel by the end of the challenge.

Looking forward to seeing more of your squats ideas!!!!
Xx Dani


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