XBOX Music and Skrillex

My world consists of music and applications.

This latest Electronic musician Sonny John Moore AKA Skrillex is the number one sound in our household at the moment.

Skrillex pumping at the Stevens house!

It's been so wonderful exploring the world of Microsoft during their Microsoft Connections Program as they have simply nailed their music, movies and apps via this entertainment unit.

Not only do I move my body with music when I work out but it is a regular part of our lifestyle. We stream music daily and we can have it at our fingertips when we want. It's been great to download all the music for free and such a great value add, which is an all in one music experience. 

Kids dancing outside to the music while I workout inside

WINDOWS 8.1 - if you have this software it allows you to receive FREE music on all your devices, so not only can we listen to them live but we also save it on our devices and our kids listen to them on their Dell tablets every where we go. It's sensational to delete all our other music subscriptions as Xbox music has amazing rich visual images and you can explore various artists, which our kids love!

Here they are showing their moves whilst listening to their fave Xbox Music playlist;

How do you stream your music?
Much love & friendship,

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