Xbox Music

Music is my life, it's a constant positive vibe playing throughout my body that undoubtedly gives me the energy I have today. I simply love the way music makes me feel. I feel alive. It's a soul mate that never leaves my side. It uplifts me at the right moment or it can be on the same level of how/what I'm feeling. Oh yeah and the goosebumps! I love feeling those. One of the amazing things about being a part of the Microsoft Connections Program is access to Xbox Music.

Xbox Music

Don't even get me started with my fitness music! Here's me busting out as many squats in 300 seconds....I managed to do 150 with the motivation of Xbox Music pumping in the background!

Xbox Music allows you to streamline millions of songs for free with Windows 8 at You have instant play at your finger tips, either search by song name, artist or album. The choices are endless and I am in heaven.

Xbox features

As I type this I am currently listening to my all time fave on my Surface Pro 2 laptop:

Will i am


So many features from free music streaming, cloud connectivity, creating your own radio stations and listening to your music offline. You can manage all your music in the one centralised place, create and save playlists and the music store is opened 24/7 with over 18 million songs to choose from and unlimited skipping when listening to radio stations. It's awesome! For more info simply visit Xbox Music.

How does music make you feel?

Much love and friendship,


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