WOW Social Media! I love you.

This week I am totally blown away by the power of social media. The people I am meeting are continually WOW-ing me. So here are just some friends I'm loving; Ullenka Kaczmarek is my new friend. She is a very creative food Mama, who decided to take her family on a journey to Europe. Yep! Packed their bags in a van, and travel with their 3 kids. The purpose of their journey is to find more sun, cleaner environment and world school for their kids. They are also spreading the word about veganism since they embarked their journey this time last year. That's right, they went cold turkey and went vegan, completely. I have an amazing story to share with you soon as I interview her family who are now seeing the power of real food, helping their kids who have suffered from autoimmune diseases: allergies, eczema and autism. Stay tuned for more!


Ullenka laptop

Geoff De Weaver and I go way back. In fact when I embarked social media 2 years he was one of the first top social media influencers that followed me. He inspires me daily to be the best that I can be. He is my mentor, a true friend and awesome businessman. Geoff is the Group CEO + Founder of TouchPoint Entertainment, a leading Social Media  + Live Event Company headquartered in NYC, US. Geoff is a serial web entrepreneur and one of the world's foremost experts in Global Brand Management + Advertising, Social Media, Social Business, Mobile Marketing, Digital Marketing + Streaming LIVE Events. He's truly a guru!!!

geoff de weaver

Kristina is my sister from another mister. She featured last year on Fitness Food And Style, as we embarked our Fully Raw challenge. She shared her life of veganism and is changing the world by eating one plant at a time. In fact she has collaborated with her local hospital in Texas to deliver "Farmacy food" which comes straight from her local farmers at her Raw Fully Organic Co-Op, directly to the patients. She's an absolute inspiration and creating REAL healthcare straight from Mother Nature!


Yeah yeah I know you already know how much I love this guy, right?

Jamie inspired me many years ago (I was in my late 20's and he was the Naked Chef! ha!) I was glued to the television drooling at the food he was making, which made me experiment with fresh foods in my own kitchen and made me become the best cook my husband knows! I'm a lucky girl to have both of these men in my life.... Jamie's got his new Comfort Foods book out now and once again has me drooling watching it on screen. One day, I hope to join him in a kitchen somewhere in the world and doing what we love best. He does crazy cool stuff like this too!

AND he's an amazing sport for raising awareness for so many charities around the world, this month it's all about testicular cancer and #feelingnuts. I couldn't resist sharing this picture from his Instagram page. I love you Jamie. PS: You know I only love you for your #foodporn ;-)

jamie oliver

Mankofit is one lean, mean fighting Latino machine. Massy epitomises everything fitness and wellbeing, and has an inspiring Instagram page with over 1.6 million followers. At the impressive age of 25 years, she sets the example of how adopting a healthy diet and active lifestyle can change individual lives mentally, physically, and spiritually.

"I want to teach people to fully believe that being healthy really is being happy"

Massy is one gorgeous Personal Trainer that will keep you fit and motivated 24 x 7! You rock girlfriend.

jamie oliver nuts

Who are you loving today?


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