#alsicebucketchallenge success and announcement!

Every week something blows my mind and the ice bucket challenge is one of them! Raising over $70 million for ALSA, which helps fight amytrophic lateral sclerosis, a disease that effects the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig's Disease or motor neurone disease as we know it in Australia. It certainly surpasses the funds raised last year which was $2 million. The power of social media never seems to amaze me. Remember that time when I reached out to Richard Branson last year?  WOWZA!

I was challenged to do the #alsicebucketchallenge and I challenged Michael KlimLorna Jane and Tobie Puttock.

Check it out;

Here's some other stuff that's impressing me too;


Evohe's skin care range is simply opulent. It's built on sustainability, cruelty-free lifestyle choices that have the power to change the world. Besides being Australian owned, they are transforming the beauty industry. Using only organic ingredients, this is one skin care range I love to indulge in. It makes my skin look and feel amazing. mutherofallthingsThe beautiful luxe swimwear range by Muther Of All Things is a big WOW factor for me this week. Love! Love! everything about them. Born in Byron Bay. Growing up everywhere.


nails inspo

Lana Del Ray inspired my nail art this week. There's something about the stiletto nail shape that is making me weak at the knees. It's a new nail trend for women who want to stand out from the crowd with spiked nails that resemble claws. Mind you, I had to soften my edges a little so I wouldn't stab the kids!


What a ride I have had these past couple of years with my recent migration from my Fitness Food And Style blog to my new website DaniStevens.com. Things are starting to really ramp up and I need more support to deliver you quality content that's relevant to you each week. Today I am super excited to announce my new agent The Remarkables Group who will primarily focus on my commercial biz and will continue to assist me with the lifestyle brands and products I love to use and share with you.

This will now offer me more time to spend with you online, while they do all the background work as we deliver YOU MORE Fitness Food and Motivation.

A Manifesto For Remarkables;

WHO WE ARE: A creative community of trail-blazing professionals who kick ass on the internet

WHAT WE DO: We inspire, inform and entertain our audience with innovative content

WHAT WE ARE TOGETHER: We are generous with our support and knowledge

A huge shout out to my amazing Dani Stevens team, past and present that have helped me achieve so much. Thank you for everything you do in the background for me while I take the spot light in social  media land. I love you ALL.

How about you? What's impressed you this week?


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