Would you like to come to Byron Bay with Me?

Another cracking week, jam packed with kids after school activities, work deadlines and meetings, pilates and yoga, meal planning, hosting over at YOU-app with Jamie Oliver and just your norm living and loving life. There is never a dull moment here at The Stevens family household and I couldn't imagine my life being any different. I'm really taking my time lately with my stretching, life gets so hectic I used to just do it quickly just to get my workouts over and done with. Ohhhh how I love to stretch! Properly. Have you ever watched a cat wake up from a nap? They treat stretching like a real treat – they love it, they take ages doing it and the look on their face tells you that it makes them feel GOOD.

So, when you stretch, try to give it the same importance. Don’t rush it. Time is precious. Let your body feel the way your muscles elongate and then relax back. It feels so nice and it’s super good for you – a great thing to do before and after your workouts. Even without intense exercise, stretching is like a workout all by itself.

Just do it like you mean it – but that doesn’t mean stretching hard and hurting yourself. Please take care.

Byron Bay Dani Stevens healthy kids meals

Some other news with me is that I am finally putting pen to paper (not my finger tips on the keyboard) but actually writing my book (that people have been kinda asking me over the years.) Better late than never huh? I am no writer and as you can tell I publish all my posts, so it's kinda taking me a while but I will get there. Baby steps right?

Yesterday was just the push I needed. Thank you so much @misspumpkinhead for asking me this via Instagram;

"I was wondering Dani if you are ever going to write a book in the future? ??"

My response was something along the lines of, I would love to and actually putting things down on paper as we speak. I asked if there was anything in particular she would like to see, which she then replied;

"There are so many things about you Dani that need to be in the book - your positive energy, squeezed into the book, kids recipes, recipe ideas in general, exercise tips. You are always so positive with life and your children and your meals etc... it would be great to have all of that in a hard copy to read often x."

WOWZA!!! Can I just say that little vote of confidence with what I am doing everyday is inspiring others and is worth while. It's been a hoot these past few years hanging out with you all and I am super keen bringing you more soon.

VIP Team Dani Byron Bay getaway

Dani Stevens Byron Bay Retreat

 A couple of weeks ago when my photographer Nicole was here, she subtly said how much I would benefit from a retreat she was organising and how cool it would be to invite my community. So the lovely girls over at Breathe Wellness in Byron Bay are doing just that!

I'll go if you go!

How good, Byron Bay for a peaceful 4 days and 3 nights for only $799 per person. You in?

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There will be three blissful nights of sunrise yoga, pilates, nutritious food, wellness workshops, raw dessert masterclass, massage and evening meditation from August 21 - 24, 2015

Fully Raw desserts Dani Stevens

I'm looking forward to the plenty of time to myself to relax by the pool, laze in the library or take a walk around the property’s green beauty. Of course we will also get an opportunity to hang out but you know what I mean, I'll be kid free!

"Breathe in Byron is designed to awaken your soul, engage your mind and open your heart toward a more content and meaningful life. It is the ideal weekend to grab your mum, sister or best friend and take some time to slow down. There are no rules on this retreat, no strict diets and no mandatory requirements, this is your time and you can spend it as you wish, we are here merely to support you. 

Perched just above the sea, in the greenery of the hinterland The R & R Ranch is set on 35 beautiful acres with creek frontage and ample space for walking, exploring and earthing. Just a short 10 minute drive from the heart of Byron Bay will you find a place that you can to take some time for yourself."

That's got my name written all over it! I'm reserving that spot, right here!

Dani Stevens Byron Bay Breathe Retreat
  • Consultations with your Breathe in Byron hosts, before the retreat
  • A maximum of 10 guests to ensure a deepened personal experience
  • 3 blissful nights' stay at Breathe in Byron hinterland ranch
  • The option of either private or shared rooms at the ranch which is surrounded  by 35 acres of greenery, pool and spa    
  • Attentive retreat leaders available 24/7 to ensure your comfort
  • Daily Yoga
  • Pilates 
  • Raw Dessert Masterclass with Nicole Joy
  • Massage
  • Evening Meditation
  • Wellness workshops
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and dessert made with fresh local produce and lots of love. All meals will be vegetarian. 
  • Endless coffee + herbal teas
  • Please note there is no wi-fi access and we encourage you to be 'offline' for the weekend
    Please note that Breathe in Byron is an alcohol free and non-smoking environment.
For more details about the retreat the girls are more than happy to answer any of your questions http://www.breathewellnessretreats.com.


Hope to see you there! XxDani

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