Workout Wednesday, who's heard of Malcoms?

A nice upper deck view from the Carnival Cruise Ship a couple of weeks ago where these guys did a fitness workout that totally cracked us up!!! You gotta check the Youtube video below, it's a classic! Especially Stu (the guy in the red) he was the fitness comedian in this workout. We had the biggest laugh!!!
Shannan Ponton teaches us his Malcoms workout on the top deck of Carnival Cruise

This workout is a killer! You thought burpees were bad. You gotta try these!!!

They are called MALCOMS!!!!

You typically do 3 sets (I only had time to do 2 this morning to kick start my morning) of 6 Malcoms. With 2 minutes rest between. You have to go hard for your first effort and record your best time. Rest for 2 minutes and go again. You need to maintain the same time for the proceeding 2 sets.

Here's what the guys did while we were sailing across the Pacific Ocean to Vanuatu a couple of weeks ago.

However to check out how it's really done Shannan walks us through his video here. Thanks for the inspiration Shannan and introducing our family to Malcoms!!!

So what do you think? Try doing these and let me know how you go.

Love and friendship,

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