Workout Wednesday and getting organised with IKEA

Hello everyone, what a day!Mine started off with these babies. Banana pancakes with coconut butter. How good! We had so many ripe bananas that I simply placed them into a blender and added eggs. You typically add 2 eggs to every banana. For more flavour you can add some lemon zest, vanilla essence, cacao powder and/or cinnamon.
Banana pancakes

The girls loved the banana version and I added cacao (and some almond meal) to some of the boys pancake mixture. The almond meal makes the cooking texture thicker (as the banana and egg mixture is a very delicate process, something I didn't really have too much time doing this morning) so they were a lot easier and quicker to flip!

Banana and Loving Earth coconut pancakes

Getting Organised with IKEA

After school drop off we headed over to IKEA to meet with my girlfriend who is helping me get more organised!!! Managing a household of 6 people can be pretty challenging and recently I have missed a lot of things in this house, so my goal is to get more cupboard space and make a study/creative room for the kids. I'm loving these BESTÅ Storage Solution above cupboards and then desk space for the kids to be creative and do their homework.
How organised are you?
Talking about being organised, I have another birthday party to organise!!! Sheesh!! It's the never ending party house here at The Stevens household! Whoop! Whoop! Whoop! I love it! Our little Oscar turns 6 and he has requested a pool party, so what better theme to have than a Hawaii Tropicana one :-)
But I need your help please. Give me some of your ideas or if you have Pinterest please feel free to pin them on my KIDS PARTY IDEAS. So far I have had people suggest fruit kebabs, Hawaiin pizza's, banana leaves as plates, dive to catch the plastic Hawaiian doll or dolphin.
What are some of your Hawaiian party theme suggestions?
Hawaiian 6th Birthday Party


I know we all lead busy lives but please try and make time for your fitness. This workout took me a total of 7 minutes and 12 seconds. No gym required, workout in the comfort of your own home using your own body weight. There were 3 rounds of burpees, mountain climbers and high jumps.
Do yourself a favour and grab your Freeletics workout HERE. I have the cardio program and my husband is doing the cardio & strength program. So for those that need their partners to keep them on track and motivated, these programs are a perfect team workout!
Can you make time for your fitness? From 7 minutes to 30 minutes, that's all this takes.
Freeletics workout at home with no gym equipment, just your own body weight

I hope you are having a sensational week, the days are just flying aren't they? I have been invited to the Ballarat in Bloom luncheon on Friday and the Angelsea Big4 Holiday park this long weekend, to experience and explore the scenic Great Ocean Road in Anglesea. Busy busy days ahead.

More pics to follow. Stay tuned.

Much love and friendship, XxDani

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