Workout Wednesday

Can I just tell you how sore I am? Muscle awareness BIG time. This Freelectics Aphrodite workout is totally cool. I am really enjoying it. So happy for those that have joined me, it's so cool having access to all your times and being able to connect with all the Free Athletes out in the world wide web.

For those that want to grab their free Aphrodite guide please register with Freeletics. Make sure you keep tagging your pictures to #ffs_fitness for our challenge this week.

Yoga tree pose wearing Onzie leggings

Today is a day of rest. So I got into my yoga gear (don't forget to include your ffs_friends 10% discount code when shopping with Onzie) and attempted a tree pose. I purposely do it over our pool to concentrate on my balance and to challenge me. I especially enjoy the look out as I try to get a little "me time" during the school holidays in Australia. 

I also announced our $100 Stylerunner gear!!!

Did you manage a work out or is it a rest day for you as well today?

Happy Wednesday! 


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