Workout Wednesday

What a day!!! Did you workout today? I had every intention but never succeeded. Remember tomorrow is a brand new day and that workout is just waiting for us. Don't forget to join me as this Freeletics workout is AMA-ZING!!!!
Which reminds me what brands do you like to workout in? Here are a few of my fave.
Lorna Jane, Reebok, Nike, 2XU, Stylerunner and Asics 
This week is flying, it only feels like yesterday that we were celebrating Toblerone cheesecake
Toblerone cheesecake 
1 cup chocolate crushed biscuits
1/4 cup almond meal
80g coconut butter
2x250gms cream cheese
1/2 cup cream
200g Toblerone chocolate
Blitz base ingredients and press into a 25cm spring form pan and allow to set in the fridge. In the meanwhile blend the cream cheese, cream, melted chocolate until mixed and pour filling onto base and set in the fridge for 2 hours or overnight. Serve with extra chocolate chards and enjoy! 
Today was a busy day, caught up with my amazing girlfriends and enjoyed a fruit platter and my almond cranberry and orange truffles for morning tea.
Almond cranberry and orange and truffles 
2 cups of almond meal
1tsp grated orange peel
1tbs cranberries
splash of water or milk 
desiccated coconut
Mix all the dry ingredients and then add enough water or preferred milk to the mixture until combined, roll and sprinkle with coconut.
My girlfriend said they looked and tasted very Christmassy, so this will definitely have to be on the menu on Christmas Day.
Happy Wednesday xx

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