Who motivates you?

I can't even begin to tell you what an amazing weekend I had at the Fujifilm Triathlon and Whitehaven Beach Ocean Swim. Being invited to attend this event as a spectator, simply motivated me to compete in it next year!
This is a quick Monday motivational post as I have literally got off the plane and wanted to give you a snapshot of some amazing athletes. 
Here's one phenomenal woman. She is 74 years young and didn't start competing in triatholons until the ripe age of 50 years!!! I turn 40 soon so this has definitely inspired me to do my very first tri next year!!!! 
Lorrie Bishop has competed in 113 individual triathlons and 45 group ones. Making it a grand total of 158 triatholon events. What a super star!!!
Lorrie Bishop at 74 years of age says triathlons are addictive 
Anita from Pushing Envelopes motivates me!!! She's completed 2 Marathons, one in Paris and the other in Melbourne. She now has 2 Triathlons up her sleeve too. Amazing chick!!! I love you so much!!!  
Anita Mitchell marathon and triathlon champion

I also managed to catch up with Melissa Gorman before her 750m Whitehaven beach open swim. She is a silver medalist winning her first 800m Freestyle at the Commonwealth Games and Australia's first Olympic Medal in Open Water Swimming. Melissa has since represented Australia on 17 occasions and is only 25 years old. 
Melissa Gorman Olympic athlete
Michael Klim swimming Olympic superstar was also super motivating. I saw him in the Atlanta 1996 and Sydney 2000 Olympic games, so it was a real thrill seeing him take off with all the guys at the first leg of the tri swim. On the 26 June 2007 Michael retired from competitive swimming but loves attending these types of events to keep fit.
Michael Klim Olympic Champion

And of course the amazing Ty Hurst. The only man to have won 7 Australian Ironman titles and is regarded as one of the best Ironmen EVER!!!! in the history of Surf Lifesaving. 
Ky's motto in life is "Limitation is the creation of your mind". I love it!
Ky Hurst Australia's Ironman

I have some wonderful memories of this trip and this event has motivated me even more to do things I have never done before!!!!

Who motivates you? What motivates you?

Happy Monday xxDani 

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