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Heeyy!!! Are you on Instagram? ? I love it over there and BIG love to the Insta creators as our community is da bomb! Let me know what you prefer? Reading longer posts here on Dani Stevens.com or my quick social media bursts over on IG or both. Here's what's been happening over on Instagram....

Up! Up and away, I head to Melbourne for the launch of the High Performance Centre at Fitness First on Collins St. Check out it here.

On the plane I get to meet the masterminds behind the amazing The Cook App! Gosh I love travelling and meeting new people!

TheCookApp Dani Stevens recipes

Talking about food, when in Melbourne you must ALWAYS dine in the best restaurants and of course take your Mother out for a belated Mothers Day lunch. Ahhh Pomodoro Sardinia your menu is divine, check out my dish here.


Also BIG NEWS with my awesome friend Kevin from Fitmencook, I have followed him for the last 2 years and boy! Does this man know how to cook! Now he's got an app to prove it even more!!! Love you Kevin.

Dani Stevens KEVIN FitMenCook app

At the end of the day we need to eat MORE plant based food, it's better for our digestive system gives us more energy and of course it's great to have in conjunction with a protein meal, remember protein and produce always go hand in hand.

Loads of recipe ideas here.


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Happy Wednesday.


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