What would YOU like? Being accountable for fitness, food or both?

I've realised with my over 40 years of wisdom on this earth that consistency is key! You move your body everyday and feed it healthy-ish food? You will be one happy person! So I try and incorporate movement within my day that isn't really a workout - because sometimes even I don't like to keep up with routines. PLUS...sometimes life just gets in the way.

What I do is make things work for me, around my family. Here's a classic example. When the boys are at soccer training you will find me on the side line playing with a soccer ball. You may call me crazy but it's my only time to squeeze fitness in. I use a soccer ball and like to repeat this three times and rotate on each side with the soccer ball which works my oblique and side abs.

Dani Stevens soccer fitness tips


1. Sit on the ground with your legs in front of you, knees bent, and heels lifted a few inches into the air; lean back at a 45-degree angle and extend your arms straight in front of your chest, palms together.

2. Slowly rotate your torso to the right, pause, then rotate to the left.

3. Continue alternating.

YOU-app with Jamie Oliver

This month I would love for you to join us over on YOU-app with Jamie Oliver as I host our movement of the day every Wednesday. Check out the action and download here and fill out the below if this is something YOU and I can keep accountable everyday as we track our fitness and food accountabilities together! I would love your feedback;

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YOU-app with Jamie Oliver Dani Stevens

Another crazy school holidays day planned ahead. With breakfast on the go already waiting for the kids this morning, we just grabbed frozen raspberries, bananas, passionfruit and kiwi fruit. Add some chia seeds and honey YUM! You can do so many combinations with this depending where you are in the world. We like to freeze these over summer just as they are or we add milk/yogurt as smoothies on the go!

Dani's quick fruit smoothie

Dani Stevens fruit smoothies


2 bananas

2 passionfruit

2 kiwi fruits

1 cup of frozen rasberries

1 tsp honey

1/2tsp chia seeds

2 cups of milk (I have 4 kids remember)

1 cup yoghurt


Blitz away with your favourite milk and enjoy! Be as creative or keep it simple with one fruit group. It's all about experimenting in this house. The more the kids prep their food the more I know in life they won't rely on Mum cooking for them all the time. Ha ha.

We are planning a trip to Sydney over the school holidays to catch up with some friends and I'm really excited about jumping online to explore this new crew Airbnb for the first time ever. What a brilliant idea - it's all about community sharing resources (you know that's why I'm here!) and having the opportunity to find that home away from home. I wonder what's out there for us to discover...Have any of you ever used Airbnb for your own interstate or overseas travel adventures? I'd LOVE to heard your own personal experience - along with any cool tips you might have for me.

I love hearing from you any time - about anything to do with your happy health and lifestyle. What have you got on for today? Tell me more...Life is for living well. Cheers!

Healthy smoothies

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