What a year! Here are my 2013 Highlights


So, it's now time to bid farewell to 2013. What a firecracker of a year it's been for Fitness, Food and Style. How did your year shape up?

Of course, like always, time this year just FLEW by ... seriously how quickly did it go?

Overall, it's been another amazing year and to put it in perspective, you can click on last year's highlights here to know what the starting point of 2013 was ...

With so many wonderful experiences and adventures throughout the year, it's hard to pinpoint favourites but below is a just a quick recap of the Fitness, Food and Style journey throughout the year that's been.

2013 what another great year!
The year kicked off with a FFS #planksjan2013 challenge where I encouraged people to plank safely in an appropriate environment (not like the extreme rave a few years ago ... if you remember there were people planking in some very strange places).

Nevertheless, as easy as this move may have looked, it was extremely challenging as planking really challenges and tightens up the core muscles.

Here's my pre and post results.

This month the FFS challenge explored the world of no added sugar. I couldn't quite manage the entire IQS program ... however I certainly took baby steps. 

This challenge encouraged people to read food labels and focus on reducing the amount of refined sugar consumed on a daily basis ... simply through making better food choices. It's simple to do and checking labels is the first place we can reduce sugars we often forget are so heavily added to the foods we select.

This can then be taken further by eliminating soft drinks and saying no to added sugar in tea and coffee etc ... baby steps, remember! Read more here.

Here we stepped up the pace a little and focused on the upper arm and back region with our #pushupsandgreens challenge. Looking at food intake, there was a challenge to focus on adding more and more greens. An entirely suitable way to recognise that St Patricks Day would be coming very soon in March, don't you think ;-)

Photo courtesy of Loni Jane ALEVEN

The 'push up your greens challenge' was encouraging people to do push ups and increase their vegetable serves ... and enjoy them! It was an absolute hit!

Mmmm March .... Oh yeah I also celebrated my 39th birthday ;-)

In April I wanted to maintain momentum for more mindful eating and to continue the education on nutrition, I thought what better way was there than to continue the greens challenge with an added twist? The challenge was on to experiment with a fully raw vegan lifestyle.

I included subgroups into the challenge to cater for those who still wanted to incorporate meats and other proteins - their brief was to try at least one raw meal per day - whether that be a salad or raw vegetables.

The beautiful Kristina from Fully Raw also shared her new lifestyle with FFS readers and assisted us through the changes a fully raw diet may result in for us first time raw-ers! Read more here.

My wonderful friends at 180 Nutrition also contributed to this months giveaway, click here.

May was such an exciting month for me and Fitness, Food and Style. I was absolutely thrilled to be featured on the Move Nourish Believe blog "A day in the life of Dani Stevens"

It was also the month that saw the start of the #RichardBransonProject campaign - promoting and seeking support for the Vision Crusaders GRAND SLAM Ride To Conquer Cancer events. We challenge the man himself Sir Richard Branson to come ride with us. Read more here

I also hosted a #ffsphotoaday challenge and there were some great shots captured and shared in social media land.

The beautiful birds at Birdnest and Stylerunner also gave some amazing giveaways for this comp!

An absolutely amazing milestone in my life and total jump-for-joy celebrations that in June, FFS had it's first anniversary/birthday!!! 2XU gave a $200 x-card voucher to one of my lucky FFS readers.

Can you believe it??? We are just over 1 year young!!!  Here's a recap on all the fun moments here

Also the #richardbransonproject continued to build momentum and there was so much support from across the entire globe. You can read more here or come check out the retweet Danni Minogue did here. I love social media so much!

In June, I also collaborated with the amazing Grow Soul Beautiful team and we shared our #YogaADay challenge which I absolutely adored!!! 

I was thrilled to be asked to feature in Lorna Jane's MOVE campaign so, in July, I headed to Brisbane and met some amazing women on the campaign photo shoot. More info here.

You'll be familiar with the Transformation Tuesday stories ... and in July, I shared the story of Robert. His transformation story was one of the true highlights of my year. This man inspired me to realize age is nothing but a number and it doesn't define you. Robert made a lifestyle change and at the ripe age of 57yrs hasn't felt better!!! You can read and be inspired by his story here
We also did another no added sugar challenge combined with some squats and continued building upon our earlier work from previous months.

Two of my babies celebrated their birthdays this month. Noah turned 8 and Zali 2

I made a point of experimenting with some healthier party food options and tried to remove a lot of the refined sugars food at their birthday parties. You can click on their hyperlinked names to check out the birthday party posts and see how there was much fun to be had without all of the sugary stuff. 

I completed my first EVER Ride To Conquer Cancer in Brisbane (read here) and continued my #richardbransonproject. You should have seen me totally jump into the air when Sir Richard sent THIS  only 2 days before the team rode. He shared this on his blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, I was over the moon!

This month, there was a focus on hydration and I encouraged FFS readers to increase their water intake during a 31 day water challenge. 

In September, I decided to adopt Freeletics - an AMAZING fitness program which takes participants on an intense body weight journey. No gym membership or equipment needed ... the only requirements are your body weight and a determination to see your end goal. See Levents transformation here and get your program here.

I also introduced the concept of Rave Reviews where FFS readers were able to receive and trial the products I get in turn for honest feedback and opinion which brands then utilize for their marketing research.

I'm looking forward to continuing with this in 2014, so be sure to follow the link and register your interest.

Such a busy month - I completed my second RTCC ride AND Mietta turned 4 with requests of a Unicorn party. She isn't a fan of traditional birthday cakes as such, so she challenges me! I had super fun experimenting with a watermelon cake! Yep, believe it and you can find more pics here

A rockin' Rocktober challenge kicked off and I started on the 15 week Freeletics cardio program. Never too late to join in, and you can grab yours here

WOWZA!!! November already???? How did that happen?? This month was totally cray-zay! BUSY! 

From Oscars 6th birthday one minute ...  

To sliding down the deepest, steepest and fastest waterside at sea and cruising across the Pacific Ocean to Vanuata the next!

Before I had chance to catch my breath,  I was flying all across Oz ... from Hamilton Island to Adelaide for my RTCC finale ride. Whoa!!!! My head is just spinning as I type this. 

We also managed to squeeze in a mini 7 day #ffsplanks challenge, here's my Vision Crusaders team and I in Adelaide and in full form!

More information and reminiscing about these amazing times are just a hyperlinked click away :) 

Winding up an amazing 2013 involved the famous #xmas25squats challenge. 

The times got busy as we packed the family up for travelling North on a well-deserved family R&R break and celebrated Christmas on sandy beaches. Of course I'll be keeping you updated with snippets of our holiday adventures via Facebook and Instagram


So what were your highlights this year? What did you set out to achieve? How did you go ... even if you thought the impossible would never eventuate? 

Remember to ALWAYS #dreambig and I'm looking forward to another exciting year with you all filled with much Fitness Food and Style! 

Bring on 2014!
Just because I have to give you the heads up ... in 2014 there will be a NEW FFS website, more tools for you, interviews and products to share to keep you all fit, healthy and looking fabulous throughout the upcoming year.  
Much love and friendship,



I really do hope that you had a very Merry Christmas with your loved ones. In 2014, I wish you an abundance of good health, fun times and prosperity. 

I truly can not wait to share another year's journey with you - my Fitness, Food and Style friends! At this opportunity, I'd like to thank YOU for being here with me along the way ... it's with your support and friendship that I'm living the dream and in 2014 I hope I can help you to live yours too!

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