Weight loss Transformation Tuesday interview with Alice Balcon

Another Tuesday and another sensational transformation!!! Thank you all for sending me your transformation pics via email and please keep them coming as I will feature YOU ALL!!!

Let me introduce the gorgeous Alice Balcon who has been a wonderful support #fitfam sister since I began my Instagram journey late last year. I was so humbled to receive this email from her;

"Dani, I just wanted to say that you have been a massive part of my transformation. You are such an inspiration to me. My Mum has 8 children and I know what it's like to live in a big family. My mum has never brought us takeaways and always cooked us home cooked meals just like you. Always took us outside in the nature. I love how you and your husband are such inspiring parents and guide your children. Thanks for all your challenges you have posted. Ever since the #xmas25squats you have got me hooked. Loving my #pushupandgreens challenge at the moment".

Transformation Tuesday Fitness Food And Style - Alice Balcon

How sensational is her 8 week transformation??????

Alice took time out to answer some questions and I would love you to follow her journey on Instagram as she is one truly amazing young woman!
How old are you and please can you share your health and fitness journey to date?

I am a 25yr old female that has just gone through a huge lifestyle change. Since the beginning of January 2013 I quit sugar and I went on to do an 8 week Challenge with Hiit Station (Maui Thai Training). I trained 6 days a week, followed a clean eating plan and did a Fat Burner walk every morning. On that challenge the challengers voted me for Miss Motivation, it was truly an honor and has helped keep me going after my challenge finished. I’m still keeping it up now.

What types of foods did you used to eat as a kid and young adult? What's changed since then? 

I am the eldest of 8 children, my mum has always promoted health and prepared home cooked healthy meals for us all. It was at the end of high school when I started going on fad diets – eg. Shake diets, not eating, just eating fruit etc. You name it I tried it. This slowed my metabolism right down, within one year I put on 15kg.

Do you play any sports or what sports do you like watching?

I don’t play sports but I do Maui Thai training. I am addicted. This is something I do for me. My time. This contains weights sessions, Maui Thai combinations, and strength and conditioning. I love walking as well hence why I start my day with a walk. I do enjoy watching sports on TV. Seeing these amazing Athletes we have in this world motivates me to become stronger person.

What are your interests, passion and what makes you smile?

I have many interests, one of them is my love for fashion. I work at a boutique called White Bohemian every 3rd Saturday. This has also inspired me to lose weight so I could feel good in clothes I’m selling. My passion is my job, I’m a nurse and I love helping people, it is a truly rewarding job. Seeing all my patients in hospital from unhealthy lifestyle choices has really been an eye opener for me. My boyfriend of 1 year makes me smile and he motivates me on a daily basis. He is an amazing person whom never fails to put that smile on my face. My family also makes me smile, I work out with them every day and this is our way of catching up.

What was the catalyst that sparked your lifestyle change?

I got to 75.4kg. I got lazy. I then got back into the gym because my partner was a fit healthy person. He inspired me to start back up at the gym and my family supported me. I slowly started losing weight. I lost 10kg. I got stuck at 65kg for 5months. My good friends started up a Maui Thai gym called HIIT STATION and talked me into their 8 week challenge. I lost cm very quickly and gained muscle. I had a 5kg drop and 38cm drop. I have been following Dani’s challenges on instagram. Doing the pushups & greens one at the moment.

What are some of your dreams/goals you hope to achieve over the next 12 months?

I believe you always have to have a dream or a goal in life. Mine is to become stronger and fitter. Push my body to its limits and see what can become of it. I have a “Motivation Board” in my bedroom. I look at it daily. It is filled with photos, quotes that inspire me and a table that I tick off with every day I eat clean.

What tips would you like to share with my readers about your transformation?

3 little words of NEVER GIVE UP. Seriously if you fall get back up. If you eat one bad meal, make your next one a healthy one. There is always sometime or some place you can exercise. I do my 25 squats in the shower every day. Set yourself a goal and work for it. Last of all enjoy your weight loss journey. Become creative with your clean eating and training.

Thanks again Alice for sharing your fitness journey with us. You are truly amazing and have shown us all what 8 weeks of eating healthy and regular exercise can do to our bodies!!! BRAVO girlfriend!!! For those that want to follow Alice, please head over to her Instagram page.
Are you enjoying these Transformation Tuesday posts? These are all people I personally know, have come across and/or follow on Facebook and Instagram and I LOVE to share their journeys with you!!! They are all truly so inspirational!!! If you too would like to share yours ♥ Dani 


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