Weight loss story on Transformation Tuesday with Stef

This is so awesome. I love getting these types of transformations that when I open my email, my mind is blown away!!!!

Stef is no exception.

Check out here amazing story.....

How old are you and please can you share your health and fitness journey to date? 

I am 19 years old and my journey towards a healthier me began in October 2012. I started at 78.9kgs and am currently around 62kgs.

What types of foods did you used to eat as a kid and young adult? What's changed since then? 

To be honest, as a child I was very active and ate very healthily. My eating habits turned haywire after my second and third knee operations at the age of around 14. I didn’t eat many fast foods; however, chocolate and carbs where my weakness. These days I try to steer clear from sugars and don’t have too many carbs as the day goes on. I eat every green vegetable under the sun and have a lot of protein!

Do you play any sports or what sports do you like watching?

I used to swim and play tennis and netball competitively. Unfortunately, my knees stopped me continuing with tennis and netball and I grew out of swimming. My new obsession is Muay Thai. Killer work out!

What are your interests, passion and what makes you smile?

I love keeping fit and trying out new things whenever I can. I have recently given cross fit a go and would love to get into it in the future! I also love to travel. The kids I worked with in Cambodia never fail to make me smile. 

What was the catalyst that sparked your lifestyle change?

I went on a life-changing trip to Cambodia for 4 months where I volunteered in an orphanage with 52 beautiful children. Without sounding cliché, my time over there gave me and absolutely unreal perspective on life and I realized it was time I stop taking my life for granted. 

What are some of your dreams/goals you hope to achieve over the next 12 months?

In terms of my health and fitness journey, I hope to keep inspiring people as I continuously change both my appearance and my lifestyle. I still have a healthy 8kgs to lose for my height and my ultimate dream is to have killer abs!

What tips would you like to share with my readers about your transformation?

I guess it would be to realize that everyone has their bad days. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself and set unrealistic goals because that could just cause you to crumble! Take each day as it comes and if you eat something bad or are too tired to train, listen to your body and start again tomorrow. 

What motivates you on a daily basis?
Everyone has their own source of motivation, I personally, follow my Instagram religiously for it. My three go to pages are obviously @fitnessfoodandstyle as well as @billijane and @ch_fitnessandhealth. Billi is a genuinely gorgeous girl and posts the best motivation, and Chontel is the one who helped get me to where I am today! Not only my trainer with a ridiculously fit body, but family to me

Thanks so much Stef for sharing your weight loss journey with us. For those that wish to follow Stef please do so on Instagram @stephtsimos

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Happy Tuesday everyone!
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