Weight loss story on Transformation Tuesday with Mission Fit Chick

Here is the beautiful Mission Fit Chick, what an inspiration she is. She is a mother, wife, dreamer, doer and a corporate career woman. She grew up thinking that food was love until she changed that around and made food her fuel.

Here is her story.....

  • I am a career woman, wife, and mother of two who put everyone before myself which led to me being the "skinny chick trapped in a fat body". I've failed at so many attempts of losing weight which caused me to gain the weight back and more. I am turning those failures into something positive and learning what REALISTICALLY works for me. I now am finally doing it the right way by learning about nutrition, eating clean, making it a routine to workout and find activities I enjoy, and making myself a priority. I truly believe that if you take care of yourself, you are happier and can be an even better mother, employee, wife, person. I have been on my journey for 10 months now. My progress has been slower than usual but I am okay with that because this is a lifestyle change.
  • As a child, I grew up with the perception that "food is love". If you didn't eat enough, you weren't well taken care of. I had to finish everything on my plate otherwise I was "wasting food", so I never was aware of when my body was satisfied. Food was social and food became comfort. Food then became my enemy... It is still a struggle because I am an emotional eater, but I am learning that food is not love and comfort. Food is fuel. Food is nourishment for our bodies.
  • Not much into sports, except for working out! I do bootcamp, Zumba, lift weights and wog "walk and jog".
  • Family. Design. Creativity. Good Food. Fashion. Surrounding myself with fellow Passionate People.
  • I am an over achiever. I achieve in anything I put my mind to, but for some reason weight was always a failure. I could never achieve at weight loss. I was in an emotional state where I was smiling on the outside but sad on the inside. I knew I needed to do something about my weight when it started taking over my life. And after educating myself about nutrition, it certainly has opened my eyes of how I was slowly killing myself with food. I refuse to shorten my life and my children's lives because of food. That is when I made my lifestyle change.
  • To continue to be more knowledgeable in nutrition and to continue to live a healthy lifestyle, hopefully someday meeting my health and fitness goals. I have a long way to go. I also have amazing followers on Instagram that I hope to continue to inspire and be inspired.
  • Self love people! YOU have every right to be happy and take care of yourself. Educate yourself about nutrition. Knowledge is power. Open up an anonymous Instagram account to document your weightloss journey and also gain inspiration from others. Follow me @missionfitchick. It is also SO liberating because you can just be yourself without the pressures of people who know you in real life :)
  • Thank you so much for sharing your new healthy lifestyle with us. For those that wish to follow mission chick her Instagram name is @missionfitchick
  • Much love and friendship,
  • XxDani 

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