Weekly wrap up - it's the weekend

This week just flew! Didn’t I just wish for a brand new week with new goals on Monday… and here’s the weekend already? From kids’ school performances, to photoshoots, pilates and meditation - I can honestly say I’ve done it all this week. I’m especially feeling amazing about reuniting with my pilates journey again. My lower back injury has been causing a bit of hassle and strengthening my core is a positive way to handle it – and prevent it getting worse. Everything seems okay when I wake up though and visit one of my face places on earth, my backyard.... so walking daily totally helps with my movement, soothes my soul and kick starts another brand new awesome day!

I am LOVING the mobility and ease I have throughout my day now. No more hard core jumping and pumping to get a disc bulge! Why didn’t I think of this strategy earlier in my life, hmmm? Slow and steady wins the race, right? I’m sure it’s just a phase in my life at the moment and my body’s just telling me to slow things down, as there are definitely some awesome things on the horizon but it’s just been go, go…GO around her for a while now and I think my body was telling me to take a rest.

All I can say is ‘bring on the weekend, baby!’ Friday night is a family favourite in our household because it’s the night we do our family home-made pizzas - with a healthy twist, of course! If you want to know our approach, take a peek here for some recipes I have made in the past - no doubt, I will be posting it over on Instagram for you to check out tonight here.

Dani Stevens healthy pizza

If you’ve got kids, you’ve got school holidays coming your way very soon – a time that comes with its own happiness and frustrations, I’m sure. Be honest! I love the time with my kids but with a business to run too, it means I am looking ahead to some intense organisation, in order for me to take the time I want to give them when they are home. Life in the next week or two will be BUSY!

It's always fun in the kitchen with these guys and yesterday afternoon we blended some yogurt, fruit and honey to make a whole heap of ice-creams AKA frogurts for the weekend. We have every shape and size mould you can imagine!

Frozen yoghurt smoothie popsicles icecream Dani Stevens

This will be a good start for some chilled-out fun planned for this weekend and can think of nothing better than mixing up some family beach walks with some quiet time on the couch, snuggled up reading…or all spread out across the dining table doing some drawings together with something yummy doing its thing in the oven. What should it be? Fruity, oaty muffins? Or something savoury?

Hmmm…whatever it is, I know my kids will be there, spoons in hand, to help mix. I love teaching them healthy cooking habits – the sort of education that sets them up for life.

What have you got planned?

Have a great time, whatever you do…



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