Weekend tradition

We typically indulge in pancakes over the weekend and I experiment with various "healthier" option toppings but I also do love the really delicious classics like lemon sprinkled with sugar, caramelised bananas with ice cream, condensed milk (I know it sounds wrong but TRUST ME it's dejour!) and my most favourite is walnuts with sugar.

Pancakes served with yogurt, raspberries & walnuts

However I know if I continued down this path I would also be wondering why my muffin top likes to make appearances when I'm wearing my jeans, pants and skirts. So now I just alter some of the higher sugary stuff with supportive ones. Eg: instead of sugar, I'll now use honey or maple syrup in certain recipes.

I'll also post my more supportive pancake recipe for those that have issues with wheat. I simply blend our porridge into fine flour and make up the same mixture.

What are some of your favourite pancake toppings?

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