Week One kick off Fit Yummy Mummy Transformation Challenge

Good evening everyone, thanks for all your overwhelming comments via Facebook as well as here re: my TT12 (tighter tummy in 12 days (x2 cycle) results. It's amazing how your body works if you truly look after it! I am looking forward to the next 10 weeks of the Fit Yummy Mummy transformation challenge, love having a goal and being focused. Workout

Day of rest ~ missed my run today due to heavy rain but will catch up tomorrow and do both my resistance and interval training 30 minutes MAX!!! You know me, a busy Mum and being able to workout 90 minutes per week is just a godsend.

Siblings day at Kinda

Oscar was over the moon this week with his little sisters attending his Kinda, here's a few pics of our time there.

1. Mietta playing with Lego 2. The reading mirror tent 3. Kids playing play dough 4. Zali infront of the leaning tower of Pisa

Breakfast Banana pear porridge

You may have seen me post these sugar free hot drinks before, they can be found where the other lovely high sugar hot drinks are located eg: MILO, Quik etc....anyways just to mix up the kids pear porridge this morning we sprinkled the banana flavour and you know what? It tasted great! Morning snack Orange and pear with natural yogurt

Lunch Scrambled eggs 3 ways

Adrian came home for lunch today, so I made these in wraps for him, the girls had them in chia bread sandwiches and I had them with cucumbers. That's the only modification I make to my meals. They are all the same but I tend to serve them differently for individual preference.

Ingredients Eggs Spinach Tomato Feta cheese Bacon Onion

Method Fry up the bacon Add spinach and tomatoes Mix eggs and add 1/2 crumbled feta Pour mixture into frypan and cook to your desired consistency Sprinkle remaining feta

Afternoon snack Blueberry oat smoothie to go

These are typically my snacks as I head out the door to do the Kinda and School pick ups. So they fill me up until dinner. I typically have these whilst I am driving between 2:30-3pm. Ingredients 1/2 cup cooked or raw oats 1/2 cup of fresh or frozen blueberries splash of your favourite milk or yogurt chia seeds walnuts *honey/maple syrup for anyone (or the kids) that want it sweeter or simply add a banana

These smoothies are endless as far as ingredients and sweetening them up with natural fruit rather than sugar. I hope you do try it!

Dinner Emergency roast chicken, potato scallops with brocollini

Oscar had a fifth birthday party to attend and we got home too late for me to cook dinner, so I grabbed a roast chicken (kids requested potatoes) and I steamed some broccolini. Beats the days we used to drive through McDonalds and KFC and spend over $30. This meal only cost me $12. Who says healthy eating was expensive (minus the scalloped potatoes) but you get where I'm coming from. Oh yes, it's treat night tonight so we all had a piece of white mud cake (very rare that I buy supermarket cakes) but this cake was de-jour!!!! What was the occasion? Noah said;

"'We've been pretty good with our sugar free foods Mum, let's get some cake!?" I then said:

"You know what! You're right honey!"

So I made him choose, he's not a huge chocolate fan so he grabbed white chocolate instead. You need to indulge from time to time.... Dessert White chocolate mud cake with vanilla bean ice-cream

Okay I'm officially going to bed before 11pm tonight and I promise Amy and Emilio, I will post the chickpea recipe ASAP and link it under my food tab. Thanks for your patience guys.

Xx Dani

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