Week 4 Transformation challenge continues....

Ok, so I've completed the "2 week no sugar challenge" within my 6 week Fit Yummy Mummy STC goal. KA-CHING!!! Now my new goal for this week is to do a full and complete push up! Serious guys, you'd think I'd have enough upper body strength by now with me working out every second day but nada!!! So my aim by the end of this week is to do 2 solid push ups without collapsing and giving up!!! Surely with all this weight loss I have achieved, my body weight can't be that heavy on my arms? Somehow they are!!!

Day of rest today - no workout
Mietta and I made some new strawberry with orange muffins this morning without sugar (I did put a drizzle of maple syrup in them) although with the very sweet strawbs I didn't need to put much. I based my recipe on the clean eating strawberries I did throughout the 2 week sugar free challenge however added some new ingredients which I'll cover below.We had the lovely Angela (cafe owner of The Little Lucky Cafe come visit us this morning. Remember I went there last Friday and fell in love with the cafe styling?) Well Ange has a gift. So she came to visit us to have a chat on some ideas about how to decorate our home. You may have caught a glimpse of this reno info on my About me page as I touched on renovating our home, pool and deck area, skate park ramp and beach house!!!! There is soooo much happening here that it is starting to fog my brain!
Normally I have a clear understanding of what I need to do, but today..... I was in all sorts!!! Throw mischievous behaviour and kids in the mix, I got a bit frazzled and VERY VERY impatient!!! I want my home beautiful NOW, not later when our kids are packing their bags and off to Uni!!! Oh yeah, we need that tree to grow back those $100 notes AKA leaves. Forgot about that!
Any.....whooooo......as most of you are aware managing little peeps (esp 4 under 6 years!) is hard yakka! I can get pretty flustered throughout the day as I go from one room to another, either cleaning up love of my life no. 3's mess he left behind in the toilet, or love of my life no. 4 (as she pushed the chair to get into the pantry) and whalla, all the stuff just falls down like a domino effect. WTH???? Just another day in the office really. Now I know, why some of my girlfriends go to work! They leave their home beautiful in the morning and arrive back in the same glory ;-)))
I am just a little impatient with our current living situation. The three bigger kids share a room together, all our rooms have that unfinished - just moved in look, furniture pieces I have purchased by pure haste just don't go with my personality, the list is endless......I thank Angela for the wake up call today....in fact it was such good timing, she even loaned me a book called "Healing Environments" which highlights your guide to indoor well-being. Cos' I too need to keep up with what's going on in my space as a SAHM.

Angela also left me with this beautiful quote ('cos you all know how much I love quotes!!!!!!!).

Beautiful isn't it? Just like her AND I forgot about her gift to Zali, a beautiful organic cream (made from all natural products which she used to make and sell before she became a cafe owner).

We were very lucky to have her lovely company and thoughtful gifts today.

In a nutshell, Dani is going to use her motto that is closest to her heart and that is KEEPING IT REAL. I don't have to have home beautiful right away or 24x7 (I have 4 kids that will trash it but not if I teach them to look after this space!) right? Right! It's ok to have a melt down when I have so much on my plate but remember to breathe and think serenity now!!!! Tomorrow we are out for a visit to my SIL so it's a brand new day.......Hope the above made sense, if it did, please relay it back to me x
Bircher muesli (soaked oats in orange juice, 2 dried apricots, 6 dried cranberries, sprinkle of cinnamon, sesame seeds and a splash of milk in the morning with strawberries and walnuts

This was super sweet. Like over the top sweet. Never making this mix again as there were too many sweet fruits over powering each other. Especially these punnets of strawberries I bought the other day, super sweet and juicy!!!!

Morning snack
Orange and strawberry muffins

I pretty much added almond meal to the mix as well as buttermilk (completely forgot about putting any oil) but they came out so deslish and moist it was unreal. In the egg mixture I added grated orange and they soaked up that flavour in the morning and gave the muffins such an aroma when you took your first bite! Even Angela said she'll get onto her chef to make these at her cafe. I was chuffed!!!

left over minestrone soup


Afternoon snack
home made sweet potato hummus with organic corn chips
The recipe had chickpeas AKA gorbanzo beans, instead I used white beans just to mix it up!!! 


Meatballs with mushrooms served with feta dipping sauce and steamed broccoli
I simply warmed up some milk with cream cheese and feta until it was smooth and thick for a dipping sauce!
It's a wrap from me tonight as I'd like to get stuck into this book. I hope this post finds you well and sorry to share my frazzle state of mine today, typically I have things under control. Yeah right :-P Obviously today was not one of those days.....xxDani

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