Week 3 #STEPtember leg workout

For week 3 our legwork is running up and down stairs for 30 seconds x 2 reps. Here's me today in Ubud, Bali visiting the Monkey Forest. Wherever you can find stairs or steps incorporate these throughout your week.

You burn more calories running up and down stairs compared to jogging, or cycling, at a moderate pace without much of an incline. Stair climbing can be a challenging activity, but tight and toned legs, improved cardiovascular fitness levels and weight loss are some of the benefits this exercise has to offer.

Incorporate interval training into your run. Interval training involves alternating between low and high-intensities through the duration of the exercise. For example, run up and down at a normal pace for two minutes. Then sprint up and down for one minute. Sprint up the stairs. Then walk down. Run up every other step and walk down. The more vigorously you exercise, the more calories you will burn, even if you increase intensity for just a few minutes at a time.

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Happy Friday! XxDani

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