Week 1 no added sugar and 50 squats every second day

Well I did the latter, can't say I did a complete no added sugar week. I buckled on Day 5 & 7 with some white chocolate macadamia cookies and 2 handful of M&M's. How was your first week?

Squats challenge - 50 squats every second day

Are you feeling the burn with our squats challenge? Remember it's only 50 squats every second day either body weight or you can use weights. Ensure you are doing this in conjunction with your regular exercise regime.
Do them as a straight set or break them up throughout your day. 10 while your brushing your teeth, putting the clothes in the washing machine, preparing lunch and so on....

Feta French Toast

Here is a lovely French toast recipe we made throughout the week which can also be drizzled with honey (omit the feta cheese and make them plain) and we replace it as our pancake treat. Our kids love them. Here is our savoury version.

French toast

4 eggs
Splash of milk or water
250g Feta cheese
Bread of your choice

Whisk eggs, season, add a splash of milk or water and mash the feta with a fork. Dip your bread and cook in a medium heated fry pan with olive oil until golden brown. These are super quick and easy!

Green Smoothies

I'm going to get stuck into these more as well. They tend to curb my sugar cravings. We made this last week Day 1 no added sugar.

Green smoothie no added sugar

4 cups of spinach
3 mandarins
1 cup strawberries
splash of water

Blend and enjoy! For those that are still not used to natural sugars in fruit and need to sweeten this up, add a banana or stevia, honey etc...

School holidays

It's been great having all the kids home this week. Especially the sleep ins and no school and kinda runs. We have also been going to places the kids haven't been to, catch up with friends and down the beach to enjoy our sunny winters days here in Australia. My husband loves his surfing session. While he does that, we run around the beach and park.

So make sure you get out there for some fresh air! Regardless of the weather.

Lorne beach

Here's to another great week. I will start making more supportive sweet snacks to curb my sweet cravings. Obviously my body has been addicted to that daily chocolate I was having, so it's habitual for my body to continue to crave for it. I will also be making more time for my 15 minute workouts. I missed a few last week too!

What will you do differently with our no added sugar challenge?


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