Wednesday Wanderlust - Where Do You Want To Go?

Often I think about our weekends gone by and what we have planned this weekend, that's why I created Wednesday Wanderlust for us to day dream about places we have been or places we want to go. We have been pretty fortunate to have so many wonderful places at our door step and we take advantage of them every weekend as we jump in our Volvo XC90 and explore the outdoors.


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Byron Bay We love beautiful Byron Bay and, luckily for us, it’s less than a 30-minute drive from our front door! It’s not just the beaches, great shopping and cafes, it’s all about the Bryon vibe. Just entering into the Bay you’ll feel a sense of calmness and well-being. Byron has really earned its reputation as being a ‘must-see’ holiday destination, whether you’re planning on staying for a weekend, a day or a week! I love watching Adrian take the kids for a surf and then we catch up for our morning coffee.



We loved the town of Dunoon. It’s a small town in the city of Lismore and it’s famous for being the home of macadamias. There are several macadamia plantations in Dunoon and the kids loved seeing where one of their favourite nuts come from!     

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We had a wonderful time in Yamba – the beach was to-die-for! What could be better than a day frolicking on the sand, playing in the waves, playing catch with the kids. A slice of heaven for sure!

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Even if it's up the road, jumping off the Kingscliff bridge we get outdoors and have fun. Check it out

"Those who don't jump, will never learn to fly"

What about you - what places are on your bucket list? If you haven't written one yet, please do it now! Let me know what wonderful lands you wish you could explore.

Here's our family in New Caledonia Dec 2015, what a great holiday that was.

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