Volvo Partnership and making parenting look easy

What a month! How come half the year is nearly over? Oh yeah, that's right - time flies when you're having fun. Well, fun is DEFINITELY something I'm having. Last month, we moved our young family from country Victoria to our new home up the coast and it's been an amazing journey. All we seem to do is skate, bike ride, surf, walk, explore ...and do it all over again the next day. It's like being on holidays every day. Dani Stevens family fitness surfing Byron Bay

It's the best lifestyle change decision we have ever made! My dream was for hubby to surf everyday of his life, and seeing that come true is fantastic. So much has happened since we have arrived but the highlight - absolutely - was my amazing Mother's Day gift and partnering with Volvo.

The Volvo XC60 Dani Stevens

How cool is that? Yep! They sure are making parenting easy with their latest XC60. It's got all the bells and whistles! I'm loving the built-in booster seats as we kiss those bulky car seats goodbye.

This fine machine does everything for me. From automatic safe front braking in case I get too close to someone at school, or at the traffic lights (it's phenomenal! I'll never get to hit a car in front of me in my entire lifetime! Mind you, in all the years I have been driving, I've never hit anyone's rear end, so it's great assurance to know this feature will maintain my track record. ) It's even got keyless entry - magic! (especially when my hands are full of bags of shopping from the market and kids school bags.) Then I just load it all into the rear boot - so easy!

Dani Stevens VOLVO parents XC60 boot

Ahhhh.... loving life right now. Last week, I was one of the very special few to attend the XC90 launch and was Periscoping live (tell me you've heard of Periscope? It's like my own Dani TV streaming live ALL OVER THE WORLD! I love it, make sure you follow me to see all the real action). I was lucky enough to give the world a sneak peak at one of the world's first-class and technology-savvy platform vehicles - really the most luxurious and intuitive SUV Volvo ever built.

The XC90 Dani Stevens

I may not be an expert car enthusiast like those professional motoring writers - what matters to me is how comfortable and safe it keeps me and my well as how it makes me feel. And with all the features and technology that makes my ride smooth and stress-free, this car has everything I need (and more!) They flew this baby in especially from Sweden for one night..... It was so beautiful to experience. Now this car certainly has all the latest in technology and has thought about everything! I can't wait to share more when it's released later this year. In the meantime I'll just pose like those girls in magazines do next to cars :-) hahaha

Volvo Partnership

The Volvo CX90 SUV Dani Stevens

A fabulous night, for sure - and not only were people checking out this new XC90 but I got a few compliments about my hair too. Well, you know the drill, when you drive an amazing car like a Volvo, you gotta dress the part. BIG thank you to NAK Hair and the gorgeous Juanita King at Fabulous Everything for creating my sexy rockstar Mama look. I love you xx NAK hair Dani Stevens I have only ever had 1 brand new car in my lifetime so this baby is a dream to drive- and the kids LOVE it too. Thanks again, Volvo, Sharing this exquisite machine with Team Dani has been amazing and I look forward to many more fun experiences in the XC60. How about you? How important is it to you to know your family is in a car with fantastic safety features? That's the best part for me. When was the last time you bought a brand new car? If you haven't ever done it yet, remember to dream big and just make it happen.

Happy Thursday and see you tomorrow.


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