Volvo And The Ultimate Family Car: Every Mother’s Driving Dream Come True

The freedom I feel getting into a fabulous car and taking to the road with my family is one of sheer exhilaration for me. One of the highlights of 2015 was driving the amazing Volvo XC60 – thanks to the kind folk at Volvo who’ve created the ultimate family car!  

new volvo But now I’m super excited to declare that this year, I’ll be getting my hands on a new Volvo XC90! So I’m looking forward to another incredible time trying out this amazing car, with weekend getaways, gorgeous scenery – what else can a mum-of-four ask for?!



Highlights of 2015 with the Volvo XC60: The XC60 sure made parenting easy for me with all the bells and whistles a mother could wish for – the built-in booster seats were simply genius as we kissed those bulky car seats goodbye. I loved how the XC60 did everything for me; from automatic safe front braking in case I get too close to someone at school, or at the traffic lights. This means I’ll never get to hit a car in front of me in my entire lifetime!



I also loved the keyless entry – magic! It’s especially magic when my hands are filled with bags of grocery shopping and kids school bags. All I do is load it in the rear boot – super easy!



While I’m not a professional motoring writer, I’m a pretty good judge with how a comfortable and safe a car feels and what is right for my family.  For us, the Volvo XC60 was instrumental in making our life better in every way – it enabled us to take the road with ease, meaning we could focus on family fun.



When my family is happy, I am happy and we all know how important the simple word ‘happiness’ is.  Great experiences with our families, healthy living and creating memories is what life is all about and I know all of you at Team Dani agree whole heartedly!


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