Vanilla Caramel ice-cream

Its been awesome experimenting with our #noaddedsugar recipes this month. I have to tell you, I am getting better and more creative each time we do our challenges. I normally crumble, so it's been a great #danisteps experience where I don't necessarily have to make that first initial step again. It's purely a continuation on your stairs to success. Which reminds me I will get my video from the Mind Body Spirit festival and outline my presentation so you all know what I am talking about with this danisteps hashtag.

Back to the ice-cream.

Here's an awesome quick dessert that we whipped up using only fresh natural ingredients.

Vanilla Caramel icecream



Fresh Medjool dates (soaked in water which gives the caramel taste)

Frozen bananas

Vanilla bean




That's it! Simply amazing, delicious and ready in 5 minutes. The real trick to this amazing dessert is the frozen bananas, the walnuts just make it super creamy and the 3:1 ratio ice is where the magic happens.  We can't forget the fabulous Vitamix which my amazing friends at Raw Blend so kindly gifted, so I can share with you the amazing creations that will be coming your way!

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Are you in the market of buying a Vitamix? If so, what discount would you like see?



Happy Monday!


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