Under cover chocolate truffles

Yes you heard right! Don't they just look like the real deal? Sorry to disappoint. No dark chocolate, sugar or double thick cream here......
Instead I'll call them cocoa dusted nut, seed & dried fruit balls ;-) nah choc seed balls will do. All I did here was when I made my breaky this morning (which is pictured further below) I ended up grabbing the left over walnut & seed mix, 5 dried apricots & 6 dates which I also blitzed in a blender and rolled into balls! 
How super quick and easy! Oh yes I also added some chia seeds, forgot to add sesame seeds but your options are endless! eg: dried cranberries, cashews, pecans etc... Next time I will crush up some pistachio nuts and roll them into that! So this will curb my sweet tooth cravings at night. I only allow 2 of these guys because even though supportive, too much of them may be a tad dangerous as well.

Fitness update
I ended up doing 12 rounds of 60 secs DB (dumbell swings) 4.5kg and 30 secs marching on the spot prior to some apple puree as you always need something in your tummy before a workout. Then I made myself a bowl of Gluten Free porridge which I was inspired by my favourite Teresa Cutter AKA The Healthy Chef who demonstrated this dish on the Vitamix website so check out her recipe there. I didn't have almonds as the LSA porridge typically has linseed, sunflower seeds and almonds. As you can tell by my pics above I had a mix of pepita's & pumpkin seeds ;-) This is how I work, I improvise.
Gluten Free porridge with natural yogurt & raspberries
Morning snack

*I missed this or rather replaced it as my breaky due to the fact I had a sleep in and then workout etc....
Ham & pea soup
Afternoon snack
yogurt with fruit
x2 corn thins with peanut butter
Cauliflower and crispy prosciutto pasta (Donna Hay Sunday magazine cut out) 
I absolutely adore Donna Hay and have ALL her cook books, well most of them. Her dishes inspire me and make me want to present my meals to my family the way she does. Below is my picture and my son Oscar said "Mum you have cooked THE MOST amazing meal tonight, it's DE-LICIOUS! and I want you to cook this again!" Might I just add Oscar is 4 years old. Bless!
Remember how I like to mix things up a little? I added pine nuts, some funky European style pasta shapes (spinach and tomato), feta and instead of cream added milk and waited for it to reduce and it still became a luscious golden sauce. Def another dish I will be making!

Okay my beautiful people out there, I do hope you are out there as I would love some loving especially in the comments section ;-) don't get me wrong I feel the love when I see the page views however my husband thinks it's me on my I-phone just flicking to all my pages and going back and forth. Love him!!! Love all of you too that come past. Mwah and goodnight! Until we meet again tomorrow, yes I am hanging to share with you my first day of the 6 week transformation challenge!

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