Twitter, I love you

I mean it. I love Twitter. These last few days have been amazing. Tonight has been exceptional.

Remember this guy I am trying to reach?

Please Richard come ride with us Vision Crusaders GRAND SLAM team
Richard has been inspiring and challenging so many people globally. One of the worlds true gentleman with the biggest heart. My inspiration for inviting him to come join us came from his "screw it let's do it" book.  One in three people in the world will be diagnosed with Cancer before the age of 85. We have all lost friends, family and colleagues to this terrible disease. Cancer research is at the heart of kicking cancer's butt. 

I am not (really) asking Richard to join me, or indeed even to join our team. Rather, to have him throw his support behind what we are doing. Of course, it would be truly wonderful if Richard joined us, in fact, that is probably understating it, but we all love him in Australia and I know that the impact would be truly epic if he were to say yes. 

So Richard, I hope you don't mind my determination to both get the likes but also find ways to entice you to come ride with me.

Here is the original letter I wrote to Richard Branson and what our wonderful Vision Crusaders GRAND SLAM team are doing if you haven't had a chance to read.

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CHECK THIS OUT!!!! I tweeted to a beautiful girlfriend Andrea (who lives in the UK) and was asking if I had heard back from Richard to which I replied;

Low and behold the wonderful Virgin Media team got back to me to advise they will do their best and pass on my information to Richard. In the meantime I have the amazing Gumption that has been featured on Richards' blog who is from the beautiful British Virgin Islands, you know Necker Island? He too has emailed Richard for me so we wait with baited breath, for his reply. 
But wait! There was more action before all this Virgin stuff. The beautiful Kate Langbroek (the most gorgeous morning radio host in ALL of Australia Nova100!!! plus she's like me a Mum of 4 who had them in 6 years. I have been following Kate f.o.r.e.v.e.r) anyways......
Kate was having a chat with the handsome Tim Campbell (you will most likely recognise him from Home And Away) which I casually interrupted their conversation, and asked them to RT my tweet to Richard. So what did they both do to their 30,000 plus followers?
I am truly humbled, stoked and over the moon with all this happening tonight!!! I hope I get a chance to get onto Nova100 and speak to Hughesy and Kate, for this amazing once in a lifetime opportunity we all will be doing. 
Did I mention my interview with the wonderful Glenn Ridge from My MP yesterday? Yes, an official media release went out late Tuesday afternoon and I received my first official radio interview. I was pretty chuffed but nervous sounds more like it. I will add the link to my interview here and update you all when I get it. So a big thank you to My MP, Anthony the Producer and especially this man.
Glenn Ridge (former Ballarat boy)
Also one of my most fave Australian Idols is following me! I love Ricki-Lee Coulter and my oldest school friend Dale Dorning is also helping me get to Branson, who happens to be Ricki's make up artist. Dale is one of Australia's most prolific and well-known celebrity hair & makeup artists. His impressive celebrity list includes Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, supermodel Miranda Kerr, Megan Galem Jennifer Hawkins (I can keep going you know) US actress Rosario Dawson, Sophie Monk, Natalie Bassingthwait and the list goes on...  
Small world huh? Thank you Dale for all your support and I can't wait to be sitting in that chair one day! ;-)
Ricki-Lee and Dale Dorning on her DO IT LIKE THAT video clip
Ohhh hang on!! You want the icing on the cake don't you???
Well I tweeted two out of these 3 beautiful people and .....
UK & Irelands Next Top Model Judges 

Dannii Minogue RETWEETED my tweet to over 1.1 million of her followers!!!!

How crazy is that? No pressure Elle (you guys know how much I adore Elle as well, see this post) and spunky Tyson Beckford I might just tweet you in the morning too!!! I remember seeing Dannii and Tina Arena performing on stage when I was in the Johnny Young Talent Team school, so I have been a huge fan of Dannii's and her big sis Kylie Minogue

Anyways. I really am overwhelmed and so thankful that everyone has been so supportive for this amazing cause. I mean everyone, all my twitter friends have been so kind to RT my Richard Branson tweet.

No one has ever attempted all these 6 Ride To Conquer Cancer rides and it's something that I am so proud of and have such an amazing team Vision Crusaders, that without them, I wouldn't be here. In fact without you, I wouldn't be here. I really hope we can make a difference and end this deadly disease that takes 1 out 3 people away from us. Please like this picture so we can reach 1 million likes.

Much love and friendship,
Dani xx click here now to register FOR FREE

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