TT12 - Day 1 ab challenge

Hi everyone, thanks for the overwhelming response to join me in my little ab challenge TT12 which is the Fit Yummy Mummy Tighter Tummy in 12 days program. 

I'll post a vertical one ASAP

I am pumped as I really need to refocus after all these parties and ohhhh all that sweet stuff! I have had enough cake to last me a lifetime or at least to the next bday party. Mietta turns 3 in October and the LOMF (love of my life) bday is 2 days later!!! I am going to try and bake as clean as I can for those 2 bdays!!! Anyways.... I have created a new CHALLENGES tab so we can keep a track of the  2 TT12 and KILLER CORE AND CARDIO programs running over the next 3 weeks. Please add your name in the comments with the program beside it, any questions etc...also for those happy to take pre photos pls email me. It will be a great centralised place for us all to share ideas and thoughts etc...otherwise we can still use my daily post threads to have a chat. The whole key to this TT12 and KILLER CORE AND CARDIO ab challenge is to continue some form of fitness. Ensure you are doing both resistance and cardio training. Make sure you allow a day of rest for your body in between and I can't stress enough eating 85-90% "clean" is the key!!!  Now when I say "clean" I mean...

  • avoid take away foods
  • say bye bye to white sugar, white flour and white rice
  • eat fresh and plan your meals
  • Eat 5-6 small meals per day
  • snack on nuts, seeds, fruit and vegetables
  • add more lean protein to your diet eg: chicken, fish, yogurt
  • check your BMI and ensure your calorie intake is adequate
  • WATER! WATER! WATER! Drink at least 2 litres per day
Now you know you have a six pack ab, right? We just have to chisel at it a bit and really focus on our food. I have never done any full on crunch exercises or programs that involved full on ab crunches, instead it's all been about the core.
I can see them slightly resurfacing but then I stuff an entire cake in my mouth, followed by a couple of more cup cakes, a vanilla crackle and what happens to my abs??? They shy away as they get layered by the fat that just wants to continue to part-ay!!!! NO MORE, I say! You can't crash this party no more!
Ok back to our 2 options...all the FYM's and I are doing Holly's TT12 Challenge and repeating it again. Why? Because for some of you, the 12 days wasn't long enough to notice a big difference. As you are embarking this new clean eating lifestyle, you mentioned a longer period for this challenge was preferred as it will show more of a difference.
What's all this "clean eating" bizo about? Just google it, seriously. There is so much out there that I won't profess I know it all. What I do know is that I avoid any processed stuff or anything that comes in a box, drive thru window or is delivered to my door. Get where I am coming from? Things that are filled with stabilisers, preservatives, additives, chemicals and all the other things that cause our kids to bounce off the walls, I AVOID! Not only are they linked to diseases, learning disorders and other health related conditions etc....but the way they also pump the look of our food to something that it is not! Scares the heck outta me!!!
So please be mindful of what you put in your mouth and I hope my last 2 months of blogging has show you a relatively "clean" eating regime.
Also it is imperative that you stay active. Be consistent with exercise and eat clean. You will dramatically see the changes, I promise!!!
You know the drill and I have said it here before YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. There is a reason why you feel bloated after certain meals, so if that is the case, eliminate those types of foods these next 21 days.
So let this ab challenge begin. I did say Monday the 13th August??? but I was late writing my post so it flicked over to Tuesday 14th August. So not to cause any confusion, let's just begin the challenge today TUESDAY 14TH AUGUST and it will end WEDNESDAY 5TH SEPTEMBER Besides we may need to have some discussions to clarify anything I have mentioned above or on my CHALLENGES tab.
So click here to begin....XxDani

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