Tropicana time!!! Morning smoothie & workout time

Everyone is home sick today, no kinda, no school and no work! Yes you heard right, this never EVER's called man flu and my darling husband is out of action and laying in bed trying to get better.

In the meantime I thought I'd mix up our morning snack and make a little tropical theme. The kids loved it!!! We were imagining ourselves under neath palm trees, listening to the waves and feeling the sand between our toes.....for those not in Australia, it's the complete opposite. It's a wet and wintery day, although the sun is shining so that gave me the inspiration of our snack this morning.

I blitzed the below ingredients bananas, strawbs, linseed, chia seeds, sprinkle of cinnamon, yogurt with splashes of milk

And the kids shouted with excitement when I presented them with their smoothies....loving their comments as well "Oh Mama, this is de-jour!" "Soooo delicious Mum!" "Can we have these everyday Mum?"

It's also DAY 2 of my 6 week transformation challenge. I did my 60/30 x 12 cardio workout. Mixed it up this time with some heel kicks (approx. 130) and dancing around with the kids
My meals planned for today:
Fruit salad porridge

Morning snack
Fruit yogurt smoothie (see above)

Tomato Bean salad

Had to take lunch out today so I opened up a can of cannelloni beans, corn kernels, chopped up some 
tomatoes added a green leaf salad, splashed some vinegar and added olive oil with S&P and whalla!!!

Afternoon snack
Handful of fruit & nut mix
Meatballs served with chargrilled eggplant
The recipe I make is pretty much a mixture of all the meat ball recipes I have come across over the years and of course my Mums recipe "CHUFTE" in Serbian. I have linked a meatball recipes link for your reference but these are the ingredients I used tonight;
~ 2 slices of bread (crusts removed) cut into cubes and soaked in milk (apparently an old Italian trick I asked a chef one time dining out, that's how I roll. I always ask how meals are cooked when I go out!)
~ typically my family loves parmesan cheese & I place a cup of that however I had a pizza mix tonight with mozza, tasty & parma
~ any vegetables you have in the fridge, tonight I had carrots and celery which I minced with some garlic and onion
~ 1kg mince (I make a big batch so I have another freezer meal)
~ salt and pepper
~ lemon rind (don't ask me why, I just like it!)
I mixed this all together and made 24 balls (I use an ice cream scoop to ensure the same size and cooking process).


Kids had 2 large dark chocolate teddy bear biscuits for a quick dessert treat and I had one too ;-)
I was also peckish around 9pm and had some more dried fruit & nut mix

BTW I drink up to 2 litres of water a day. Just in case you were wondering of course! See you shortly and thank YOU so much for stopping by xx Dani

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