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Happy Thursday. Where are the days going? Is it the end of the month already? Waaaaaa? I'm still on holiday mode and feel amazing after our family getaway and travelling would be one of my all time favourite things to do. Especially visiting our beautiful Byron Bay and Noosa..... ahhhhh take me back. What makes me happy when we travel? Spending quality time as a family, meeting people, seeing different places, having food prepared for me (most of the time) and all the fun activities Ahhhhh travel, who doesn't love to travel? I know YOU do as well. That's why I can't wait to share the MWorld $25,000 Trip Of A Lifetime. For more updates subscribe here.

How often do you get away? Once a year, once a month or every weekend? Well my beautiful friend Jaharn does the latter. She travels mostly on her own and some of her travel tips as a solo flyer are;

1. Self discovery

2. You will meet amazing people

3. The overwhelming sense of freedom

4. You will save money (you got that right Jaharn, try travelling with a family of 6)

5. Learn about a new culture

6. It will improve your problem solving

7. You can indulge without being judged

8. For the stories

9. It gives you the chance to nurture yourself

10. You won't get lonely

If you are in search of adventure and regular travel, Mister Weekender is an amazing adventure companion as it brings us insights on the best destinations that we can explore globally.

Fortunately, I got to meet the beautiful woman behind Mister Weekender, Jaharn Giles at some events we both attended. Apart from her frequent travel, let's get her take on fitness, food and style.

Travel Mister Weekender


1. What fitness activity do you schedule into your daily routine to keep healthy?

My routine is somewhat varied as I travel quite frequently. However I always try to exercise during the week and reserve weekends for relaxing. Often you'll find me doing Pilates, swimming, soft sand running and high intensity cardio. I also recently discovered Kayla Itsines on Instagram and her workouts have been integral to my overall fitness whilst travelling.


2. Describe your dream meal - what could we expect to find on your plate?

My dream meal and something I make myself every other day is brown rice cooked in chicken stock served with sliced lamb steak, sprouts, feta, capsicum, cucumber, Greek yoghurt, lots of freshly squeezed lemon juice and a sprinkle of sea salt and cracked pepper. It's heaven on a plate!


3. Who’s your go to style icon - who have you always admired for their style, and why?

Margherita Missoni has always been my favourite style icon - I love how she effortlessly mixes prints with minimalism.


4. What’s a childhood habit or mannerism that has followed you into adulthood?

I'm a neat freak and a lover of plants!


5. Name three things you can’t leave the house without and why?

A bottle of water, my camera for taking snaps on my travels and my sunglasses.


Jaharn has inspired me to book our next weekend holiday. Even if it's a quick trip to your nearest city or a drive down to your local winery, make it a lifestyle choice to travel often. Catch Mister Weekender on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest for more more relaxing and adventurous escapes. .


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