Transformation Tuesday with Karen

In Transformation Tuesday, Karen shares with us that patience is the key. Transformation Tuesday with Karen

Hi, My name is Karen. I am 24 years old and I mommy to an almost 2 year old. I've been married for almost 3 years and fitness has become a really big part of my life.My fitness journey started when I got pregnant. I wanted to stay active and do as much as I could but didn't realize how tough that would be. I was extremely sick with nausea and vomiting pretty much my entire pregnancy and stayed in bed most days.
I felt terrible.
After having my daughter I realized how much weight I had gained not just from being pregnant but from being sedentary for 9 months.I was one of those people who was just naturally skinny and never really worried about working out. The physical changes started to affect my emotional state and I was constantly down on myself.I tried to eat healthy and was in and out of the gym but didn't stay constant. It wasn't until my daughters first birthday that I decided to really put in some effort so my husband and I joined a gym and started out slow. The past 5 months have been great! I now feel like I belong at the gym. I look forward to my workout and our healthy meals have become the norm.
I am happier and healthier than ever.

Grew up in a traditional Mexican household eating Mexican food my Whole life. Now I only cook Mexican food when we want to indulge.

My husband is a sports buff so I watch it all -- not always by choice ;)

I am really creative. While I am a part time stay at home mom I've started a small business making flower crowns along with my photography.

Wanting to feel confident so that I could lead by example and be a role model for my daughter. I could not preach confidence in her if I didn't feel it myself.

I would like to continue to add muscle and tone up. I still have a long way to go.

Patience is key.
You must love yourself how you are RIGHT NOW so That you can better care For yourself through your fitness journey. You are beautiful. Remind yourself every single day.

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