Transformation Tuesday with Carmen Beard

Yes Carmen!  Keep your body dancing.  There is no better feeling in the world than grooving to your tunes... it makes you feel absolutely awesome!  What an amazing way to energise yourself Carmen!  You must feel sensational!!! Everyone please welcome Carmen as she shares her new healthy lifestyle.

Carmen before and after


How old are you and please can you share your health and fitness journey to date?

I am 29 years old. From a young age I've struggled with my weight, and it got worse around the age of 14 when I ended up with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I ate the wrong foods, slept a lot and gained a lot of weight. The struggle was real; I knew I needed to do something about it but didn't know what, I didn't have the motivation or guidance to do it. In the time been treated for CFS I was having stomach problems and was told I was Lactose Intolerant. After my first child I managed to lose 20kg by changing my meal sizes; but in that time I also had to have my gallbladder removed and ended up with digestive problems. Seeing a gastroenterologist I was diagnosed with Fructose Malabsorption (and also found out I wasn't Lactose Intolerant after all). My second pregnancy I piled all the weight back on and I knew I needed to make some big changes. I tried many things (diet pills, personal training, I even started dancing) but nothing budged, until I saw someone about my digestive problems. I changed my diet drastically at this stage; and the weight just started dropping off. I have lost around 50kg all up in just over 3 years. It's a long term, life changing pathway, but it's worth it

What types of foods did you used to eat as a kid and young adult? What's changed since then?

I use to eat a lot of take out, especially when I wasn't active from having CFS I also ate a lot of processed and packaged, unhealthy food. With all the digestive problems I saw someone who could help and who also put me on restrictive elimination diets trying to work out what I could and couldn't tolerate; they were clean, fresh and healthy options, and the weight just started dropping off.

Do you play any sports or what sports do you like watching?

I love all dancing - watching and participating. Watching I enjoy gymnastics and ice skating, those kinds of things.

What are your interests, passion and what makes you smile?

Music is my release - it can change my mood dramatically Dancing is my love - it makes me feel alive Nutrition is my passion - learning about it has helped me in many ways, and I'm always learning something new My family and friends makes me smile

What was the catalyst that sparked your lifestyle change?

I originally tried gyms, personal training sessions and finally dance classes - nothing budged, I didn't even think food would have such an impact. I always knew I needed to do something, but I never knew what, or how, to go about it. After my pregnancy I took the leap in trying something, but when my intolerances came back times ten I had to seek help with my food problems, and that's really when it all changed. I was also dancing 5 days a week at the time, which would have contributed too with the food changes.

What are some of your dreams/goals you hope to achieve over the next 12 months?

Successfully have a running business helping others who may be struggling in their own way, that's the dream anyway

What tips would you like to share with my readers about your transformation?

You can short term 'diet' and exercise all you want, but you need to make life long lifestyle changes. You won't regret it and you'll feel amazing!

Follow Carmen on her life long journey to feel amazing by dancing!

Make sure you tell me your story or share with your friends as I would LOVE to share it with the world.


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