Transformation Tuesday with Anita

You may recognise Anita from our Mystery Freeletics Athlete last year. After her ankle injury stopped her from completing the 15 week transformation. Today she joins us with a new story. She has been keeping quite active with her running and triathlons but wasn't eating right. She has now found balance and shares with us today her new healthy and fitness regime. Welcome back Anita and thanks again for being such an amazing Transformation Tuesday inspiration to us all. I love you xx For those that wish to share their transformation please submit your story here.

Happy Tuesday!



Transformation Tuesday with Anita


How old are you and please can you share your health and fitness journey to date?

Hi Guys, I am 34 years old and have been on a health and fitness journey all my life! I, like a lot of Aussie kids, have been brought up on sport and just love getting outside! After having my first child, I needed to lose weight and keep fit, so I got back into running and did some half marathons. Although I was running heaps, my eating just wasn't right and I started putting kgs back on. While pregnant with my second child I was over 90kgs (pre kids 65-67kgs!). Since having my second child I have got back into fitness with a passion! I have run marathons and completed some triathlons. I just love the space that training gives me! Although I was fit, I was still overweight. I couldn't shift those last kgs, I was training 6 days a week! I had the 20% of the 80/20 rule right... the other 80%, the nutrition part... I had all wrong! Each time I tried to cut out foods and lose weight, I did it wrong, I lost all the nutrients and lost my energy! With this cleanse I have been able to lose 6kgs in 30 days and still train hard! I have so much energy, it feels AWESOME!

What types of foods did you used to eat as a kid and young adult? What's changed since then?

We have always eaten home made food, I could probably count on one hand the number of times we went to Mc Donald's as kids. We always had fresh fruit... I used to love going over to other people's houses who had chips and chocolate in the cupboard! Such a treat! As a young adult... I partied too hard, was drinking and eating whatever and whenever I wanted. As soon as I had kids my body said... hold up... you can't do this! I live a pretty full on life and like to fit everything I want to do into it. I need to make sure I get all the nutrition I need from my diet in order to have enough energy to do it all. Before starting this nutritional cleanse I would snack on high sugar foods to get me through the day. Then I would train hard, and reward myself with a glass of wine. All the while this would pile up on my middle! This cleanse has been a reset for my body and my mind! I have all the nutrients I need from the food I eat... and therefore don't need to snack on crap!

Do you play any sports or what sports do you like watching?

I LOVE SPORT! I swim, ride, run AKA Triathlons! It is such an amazing sport, the culture is embracing of people at all levels of skill... I am always last at swim squad, but that doesn't matter! I am there, giving it a go, that's what triathlons embrace!

What are your interests, passion and what makes you smile?

I love anything to do with sport, nutrition and healthy living... that's why I love Dani's blog. I love to be inspired and seek out people who help me to be the best person that I can be... things that make me smile are my kids, my husband, my gorgeous friends and achieving something I set my mind to! Flowers too...their beauty always makes me smile (hint hint hubby!!)

What was the catalyst that sparked your lifestyle change?

I was tired and fed up with how I looked, I spent so much energy focusing on it... one day I thought... imagine how much energy I had if I didn't focus on this negative! So I found a system that I had seen a friend on, who was full of energy and life... and knew that was where I wanted to be... so I did it! My husband thought I had energy before.....I am full of life now!

What are some of your dreams/goals you hope to achieve over the next 12 months?

I want to tone up a but so that it helps me achieve my sporting goals. I have such a positive outlook now that I just want to positively impact people's lives, like mine has been!

What tips would you like to share with my readers about your transformation?

You need to set your goals Take before and after photos Find a supportive program that ensures that you still get all the nutrients you need. Ensure that what you chose has a support network that you can easily be in contact with. Be inspired and then be inspiring

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