Transformation Challenge & food journal

Hello beautiful people, I am back and wanted to post the meals I had yesterday and today just to keep you on track and of course me!

Let's start with workout today, day of rest and I have decided to change my 15 minutes per day to 30mins every second day. It just works better for me. Just so you know, I do not workout more than 90 minutes a week. So I combine both strength and cardio training in the 30 minutes.

Fruit salad porridge
(remember I like making this on the stove top as it bubbles away gently while I organise all the kids at the table)

Morning snack
Fruit salad
these 2 amazing "clean" choc chip cookies
1 latte (well 2 actually before Celeste left)

Salmon with spinach (NB: I always make more dinner so I have left overs the next day or two!)

Afternoon snack
Banana with handful of nuts
2 protein balls AKA under cover chocolate truffles

Oh yes this is me on the go picking up the kids from Kinda and School, feeling a little French inspired with my snacks on the go ;-)

Spinach and parmesan gnocchi served with bolognese sauce

Semolina is always in our pantry as I make it for the kids and it's kinda like a pudding custard dessert. My mother used to make it when we were kids and also savoury styles in soups like a dumpling. So I ended up making some of my own inventions when I worked out there were gnocchi recipes out there with semolina instead of potato in it.

My version is simple;

1). Make your semolina as per packet instructions (I used 2 1/2 cups of milk & approx. cup of semolina)
2). Cook some spinach (I had 2x150g bags but you can also use frozen but thaw it out & drain water) add 2 eggs and your choice of cheese (parmesan is best but I only had our pizza mix one), freshly grated nutmeg and S&P
3). Mix all ingredients thoroughly or use a hand blender
4). Spread out onto baking paper and allow to cool and set

I then cut them into small rectangle shapes and placed them under the griller (you can sprinkle more parmesan cheese) and then toss through your favourite sauce!!!!

After dinner snacks
handful of BBQ shapes (this was unexpected as my husband raided the pantry!)
handful of almonds as I type this post!

Now let's go back to yesterday....ohhhhh yesterday ooo---ooooo--oooo all my troubles seem so far away... ok see how easily I get distracted!!!!
Did my 30 minute workout (both strength & cardio) and seriously increased my DB weights to 9kg as I did some squats and sheesh I was sweating!!!!
Sultana bran with milk

Morning snack
Fruit smoothie
(this is loaded up with whatever fruit I have in my bowl, yogurt & splash of milk)

Salmon with snow peas

Afternoon snack
Corn thins with peanut butter
carrot and celery sticks

Tandoori chicken with yogurt and rice

NB:  I made the tandoori from scratch so let me know if you need my recipe otherwise you can just google it?

I do hope you have had a superb last couple of days and please feel free to drop me a line from time to time. Would love to hear your feedback on my brand new blog and any of my posts.

Goodnight from Australia (rather it's past midnight, so it's morning!) I need to Zzzzzzzz........before one of our kids wakes us up ;-))


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