Thinking For Success - The Power Of Positivity

So, this week has been pretty intense - one of the actions over at YOU-app set the tone of the week. I set it as calm, serenity and fun - after all, if you are not having fun, life can get really mundane and depressing. So many people I bump into or chat to have so much going on, or they’re so busy, that we have forgotten about the true essence of why we do what we do. It should be so simple: Live life and be happy. We can’t turn back time to a simpler world but yesterday with Zali, I was determined to take a break from some of the distractions of modern life and I didn’t take the iPhone. Typically, it’s connected to me like an umbilical chord (AKA baby no.5) but our moments together without it were sublime and it made me even more committed to try and spend this weekly with each of our children. So, here’s what happened yesterday:

Me: Zali, close your eyes and tell me what you can hear?

Zali: I can hear the waves and leaves moving.

Me: What can you feel?

Zali: The sun is very warm on my face and skin, it feels so nice (yeah I know, she’s 3!) I can also feel the wind and your hand on mine….(my heart melts)

Me: I can hear an aeroplane.

Zali: Maybe it’s going to Bali? Can Zali go to Bali? (it’s a family inside joke)

We crack up and roll into each other’s arms and I Polaroid this moment in my brain like a picture that will stay with me forever. Maybe never to be seen on social media - ever… but you know what? Not everything needs to be shared on social media, as my husband keeps saying under his breath!

Dani Stevens with Zali success happy family

That “moment” just made my day and made me realise: this is my purpose in life. To spend quality time with our children, give them all the fun and meaningful experiences we can provide and, most of all, love them and provide a healthy lifestyle for them. I suppose that’s why what I talk about in my online community resonates with so many people - we are real, our family is like your family. We all need a helping hand, we all have dreams, we all can do whatever we can set our mind to achieve.

I love what I do and that’s worth celebrating. If you can spend some time this week with your loved one, or, better still, try and get some “me time”, download a mediation app and spend 10 minutes just hanging out with you. You won’t regret a minute of it – I promise.

Because I have been thinking about smaller things that can be done to look after myself and my family, I thought I’d share some brain power food we like to have throughout the week.

-       Nuts (sprinkled over yoghurt for added protein goodness)

-       Fish (oily fish like salmon is so good for healthy bodies and brains)

-       Dark chocolate (yes, cacao beans are a super food)

-       Popcorn (we love making our healthy caramel version) Yes – a fun food that is rich in B6 which helps your brain cells communicate with each other.

Adding great health to your diet doesn’t have to be complicated.

So get these into you! And always:

Think like a proton

And stay positive


What about you? How do you inject positivity in your life?


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